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Updated on 12/22/2017
iikoFront 5.5
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For you to be aware of any situations or events, the system will inform you by sending relevant messages.

Notifications of new messages appears in the top part of the panel and available even if a terminal is blocked.

Press an envelope icon in the pop-up window or in the top panel to read a new message.

In the message box, unread notifications are bold red and important messages highlighted in red. If the message are the same, the last one will be displayed.

When a notification is read, the envelope icon will disappear. One can refer to messages at a later time by going to Advanced Menu and clicking Messages.

Error alerts

If an unexpected error occurs in the system and a corresponding message pops up, than follow the prompts:

  1. Check Report to developers box and enter your comments describing actions that lead to the error, so that developers could learn about the problem and diagnose it.
  2. Press Restart.

As a result iikoFront will close and restart. This is required to ensure sustained functioning of the application upon rebooting and to avoid further performance issues.