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Updated on 12/22/2017
iikoFront 5.5
Personal Page
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While working (upon logging in), an employee can go to his personal page by clicking the relevant button on the advanced menu screen. Here the employee can find out how much they earned in the past month and view their news messages. From the personal page, the employee can open/close a personal shift.

To prevent misuse, the information on revenue and an employee's income provided on the personal page can be hidden. This can be configured in iikoOffice by exercising the “View wages on personal page” (F_VPSD) permission.


A personal page provides results of an employee's performance over the previous period. At the beginning of each month, you can see which operations in the previous month have affected your income and how much you have earned in the current month so far.

Performance table provides data on an employee’s performance as of last 12 months:

  • Personal sales (PS) – amount of sales in the current month.
  • Average sales per hour (ASH) – average amount of sales per hour: Personal sales (PS) / Man hours.
  • Man hours – number of hours worked in the current month.
  • Bonuses – incentive programs accruals, e.g. a percentage of an employee's sales accrued to their personal account (incentive program can be set in iikoOffice).
  • Time-based payment – hourly rate multiplied by credited working hours (the hourly rate must be set in an employee's card in iikoOffice).
  • Penalties – deductions from an employee’s wages (e.g., penalties for coming late).
  • Total – time-based payment plus accruals minus deductions

Accruals table sets out all employee’s accruals as of the last month: labor compensation, bonuses, penalties. The following indicators are given:

  • Operation date Operations are displayed in reverse chronological order. To view the list, use the up/down arrow keys located under the list on the right, or use the scroll bar.
  • Operation type: hourly pay, bonus, penalty, incentive programs, etc.
  • Amount Amounts deducted from a salary are given with a minus.
  • Detailed description of the operation

All amounts credited as per incentive programs are given in a separate table. Here, you can find a detailed description of terms of a program and an employee’s performance.

Information on the current shift status (open or closed), day of the week, date and opening (or closing) time is given in the upper part of the page.

News feed

Please pay attention to messages prepared specifically for you in the News block. They contain important information that is constantly updated. This may be information about incentive programs, sales plans, work schedule and other work-related information. The news feed is generated in iikoOffice in Administration | News Builder.