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Updated on 11/13/2018
iikoFront 6.2
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Item choice

To change the status of an item, it must be selected on the kitchen screen. You can change the status of all the dishes in an order by selecting that order (course). You can do it with the help of shortcut keys on your keyboard (see iikoSousChef shortcut keys list).

An item can be selected with a single tap on the dish line on the kitchen screen. The course is selected by tapping the header. Another method can also be set. One can select an item by pressing and holding it down. If you release it too soon, the entire course will be selected. The holding time is 1.5 seconds by default, but it can be changed in the configuration file.

The sequence of operations with respect to dishes may go wrong by mistake. For instance, preparation of some dishes of an order has not been started yet, while a chef marks that order as served. In this case, a corresponding warning message will be displayed. The chef must either confirm the change of the status or cancel the operation if it’s wrong.

Changing the status of an item, course or order

To change the status of an item, course or order, follow this:

  1. Select the item, course or order to be changed on the kitchen screen. This will invoke the Actions window.
  2. Select the button with the name of the status that must be acquired by the selected dish (course or order). If an item (course or order) is already being prepared, press In progress. If an item (course or order) is ready, press Ready, take.
  3. Dishes in a course (order) can have different statuses. In this case, assigning dishes of a course (order) the same status requires confirmation.
  4. The Preparation not started button is used when a mistake occurs, and so you can assign an item (course or order) its initial status. For instance, a chef mistakenly marks that a wrong dish (course or order) is being cooked.

Therefore, when you assign the Time to cook status to an item, the system checks whether service printing or course ticket printing has been performed. If an item course is between 2 and 4, and a course ticket has not yet been printed, the dish acquires Waiting status.

  1. To go back to the kitchen screen without changing an item (course or order) status, press Cancel. The button indicating the current status is highlighted in yellow. When you press this button, the system will also perform the Cancel action.

If an item has the Deleted status, you cannot open the Actions window.

When working with an order, a waiter and chef do the following:

  1. The waiter keys the dishes in the order and prints it to the kitchen. These dishes appear on the kitchen screen with the Time to cook status. The screen displays the dish preparation time. If a half of the standard preparation time has passed, but preparation has not yet started, the dishes will automatically become urgent.

If courses are used, then after printing such order, VIP course dishes appear on the kitchen screen highlighted in color, 1 course dishes appear with the Time to cook status, and dishes which fall into the 2-4 courses appear with the Waiting status. The screen displays the dish preparation time.

  1. A chef clicks the In progress button to indicate that an item is being cooked. The countdown before passing the dish to the waiting station begins immediately after printing the dish.
  2. When the dish is ready, the chef clicks Ready, take. The waiter will see a message that the dish is ready on their terminal, and a list of dishes that must be taken from the kitchen.
  1. The waiter takes the dishes and flags that they have been served. For this, they click the corresponding dish lines on the list of prepared dishes.

One may change the Waiting status of an item to the Ready status bypassing In progress.

aCorrecting an item, course or order status set by mistake

A chef can correct mistakes made when changing the statuses of items, courses or orders and return the dish to its previous status, as well as review the deleted dishes. A special mode is used to view the processed dishes. This mode displays only those dishes, any operations of which have already been completed. Dishes with the Served status, as well as others, like, Waiting, Time to cook, In progress and Ready can be displayed in this mode.

The dishes, whose statuses have been changed the last, are given at the top of the list in the Recall mode. For instance, a chef has mistakenly indicated that an item is ready, and now, its status has to be changed to In progress. They press the Recall button, select the dish and set the In progress status.

Courses and orders, whose statuses have been changed the last, are displayed in the top left corner. For instance, subject to the settings all the statuses can be viewed at the wait station, and the Served dishes can be viewed in the Recall mode. So, when an employee mistakenly indicates that an order (course) has been served, one can press the Recall button. The orders (courses) that were served the last are displayed in the top left corner; the rest are given below and on the right. An employee can select the order (course) and indicate that it has been prepared but not yet served. Then, one can press the Recall button and return to the normal mode.

The ability to correct statuses displayed in the Recall mode is set in the settings window.

Deleted dishes are displayed crossed, but you cannot undo the deletion of an item from the kitchen screen. For instance, a chef received a message on the deletion of an item and closed it. Then he switched to a new task and forgot which dish he no longer had to cook. He is able to go to the Recall mode and find the deleted dishes.

Changing the quantity of a cooked item

When dishes are ready, one can change the quantity of some of those. For more information on how to configure such an item, see Changing quantity of an item after preparation chapter.

To change the quantity of a prepared dish on the kitchen screen, follow this:

  1. Select an item the new quantity of which you need register.
  2. Change its status from In progress to Ready.
  3. In the new box, enter the required quantity of an item and click OK.

This will not invoke printing of another kitchen ticken.

You can change quantity when you switch the status to Served bypassing the Ready status.

If you have already changed the status of an item to Served by mistake, use the recall mode. For this:

  1. Click Recall.
  2. Select the dish and change its status to Ready.
  3. Quit the recall mode. For this, click the Recall button again.
  4. Change the status of the dish from Ready to the preceding one, e.g., In progress or Preparation not started.
  5. Change the status to Ready again.
  6. And in the pop-up window you will see the quantity which had been entered earlier. Enter the required quantity of the dish and click OK.

It is impossible to change the quantity of a printed dish in the following cases:

  • A receipt has been printed.
  • An order has been paid.
  • The main cash register is unavailable.

Viewing recipes

To quickly check a recipe of a dish, one may have it displayed on a kitchen screen. It contains a table of ingredients, cooking process description, appearance requirements, presentation and serving requirements and a picture of the dish.

To have a recipe displayed, click Recipe. To find the required dish, one may use the following search options:

  • Select the dish from the list.
  • Type its name in a search bar at the top of the screen.
  • Tap the Advanced Search (text fields) button and find the dish by a quick code, barcode or SKU.

One can view a recipe in any of the kitchen screen modes. For this, select a dish and click Recipe in the Actions window.

To quit a recipe view mode, click Close.