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Updated on 11/13/2018
iikoFront 6.2
Customer Service Reports
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One can assess the quality of customer service with the help of OLAP Sales Reports using the Production group of parameters. All the temporary indicators are average, which means that if there is no grouping, the average delay or the time for the whole reporting period is displayed. When grouping by stations or dishes, we can retrieve the average values per station or dish. When grouping by order or the order item, we get the precise value for the particular order.

  1. Waiting time to be served shows the time a guest spent waiting for an order. It is the time from printing a dish to serving it to the customer.
  2. Total uptime enables to assess how much time the kitchen spends preparing dishes, and in case of any service issues, it helps to understand, if there are any kitchen's faults. It is the time from printing a dish to the end of cooking.
  3. Cooking delay shows how fast the kitchen starts to cook new orders. It is the time from printing a dish to the start of cooking.
  4. Cooking time shows how fast chefs prepare dishes. It is the time from the start of dish preparation to finish.
  5. Serving time allows to assess the rate of service. It may take a long time for a waiter to take dishes as well as serve them. It covers the time from the end of dish preparation to the moment of serving it to a customer.
  6. Cooking delay shows how mush the kitchen falls behind the standard cooking time. The standard time is set in the dish preparation chart. It is the gap between the end of the standard cooking time and the actual end of cooking.
  7. Serving delay shows how much a waiter lags behind the standard serving time. It is the gap between the standard serving time and the actual serving. The standard serving time consists of the standard time set in the preparation chart (10 minutes by default) and the time of tapping to select a dish in the iikoFront configuration file (1.5 minutes by default). The time is based on the standard cooking time, not the actual one.
  8. Course number

The complete information on ordered dishes: from cooking to serving is registered in the Event Log in iikoOffice (Retail sales | Event log | Event types | Working with order items). To assess the quality of customer service, run the report covering the following events registered when working with order items:

  • Sending a dish to the kitchen printer
  • Start and end of dish preparation (canceling the start and the end of preparation).
  • Dish is served (cancellation of dish serving).

Using the video cameras installed in the kitchen and in the wait station, you can quickly find video clips related to these events. These events are recorded in case of performing the following actions:

  • The Print to Kitchen event occurs, when one click Print on the order screen.
  • The Switch to Next Preparation status event occurs when one click the In progress, Ready or Served buttons on the kitchen terminal.
  • The Serve Item (Cancel serving dish) event takes place when one taps on the time of the dish on the order screen.