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Updated on 11/13/2018
iikoFront 6.2
Data Input and Search
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How to enter the text

In iikoFront, you can enter information in any language by using the on-screen keyboard or external Windows on-screen keyboard.

The on-screen keyboard allows you to select the keyboard layouts installed in Windows. For instance, in German version of iikoFront, one can select De and En . Using De keyboard layout, one can type any German characters when searching for dishes, customers, entering comments, etc.

Tap Alt Gr to switch between the main and additional characters. This is necessary for languages with an alphabet that does not fit a regular keyboard, for instance, Tt layout.

The external Windows on-screen keyboard can be used, for example, to enter Oriental characters. To display/hide this keyboard, click the special osk button on the regular iiko touch keyboard.

How to enter amounts

In iikoFront, all amounts are displayed in compliance with the operating system settings.

Regional settings define a decimal separator, which can be a dot or comma. Amounts begin with an integral part by default. Tap the separator key on the numeric pad to enter the fractional part. The button will be highlighted in color, which means that the fraction mode is active, and one can enter fractional parts, kopecks, for instance.

One can configure input settings to begin with kopecks instead. For this, check Cross input in the Outlet settings on General settings tab. This will enable to start entering amounts from fractional parts. If one taps the separator key, then all entered figures become an integral part of the amount, and fractional part turns to ‘00’.

Item search

To quickly enter an order, so that you don't waste time searching for dishes in the extensive full menu, you may use button and find the desired item by its SKU, quick code or barcode (the latter may be required if there is no barcode scanner or it is out of order). Click the button to open an advanced Product Search screen.

To search for a product or dish:

  1. On the right-hand side of the Product Search window, select the values that you want to use for your search. For this, click the buttons corresponding to the required values: Barcode, Code, SKU . To search by all parameters, click Search By All Fields . Activated buttons will turn yellow.
  2. If you select Code parameter, the search will begin with the first digit of the quick codes available in the system. For instance, if your first digit is "1", the search will be performed among the items which have a quick code beginning with "1". If you then enter "5", the search will be continued among the items that have a quick code starting with "15", etc.

    If you select Barcode or SKU, the search will be performed by the entered sequence of digits, which means that this combination of digits can be any part of SKU or barcode of products/dishes. For instance, if you enter the sequence "123", the system might find the items with SKUs or barcodes like 0012300, 0000123, 1230000, etc.

  3. Use the numeric keypad to enter the sequence of digits by which you want to find a product or dish. The digits will be displayed above the numeric keypad as you type.
  4. The  button is used to delete the last entered digit and the  X  button to delete all entered characters.

    The system will perform the search as you enter the digits, and the found items will be displayed on the left-hand side of the window. If there are more than three items found, this area will display a message with their quantity. In this case, you should continue entering the desired combinations of digits. If after the search you will find an item from the stop list, it will be strikethrough.

    If the search by the entered sequence of digits had no effect, you will be prompted to enter another search query. If you find only one product/dish that satisfies the specified conditions, the search will stop. Before starting a new search, you should delete the entered characters.

  5. To add a product or dish to an order, tap on it with the left mouse button. If the system finds one item, then to select it, you can click OK. This will close the product search screen.

To speed up order creation in iikoFront, you may find a dish by its name. For this, you can use Advanced Search (text fields) in the Product Search window. The activated button will turn yellow.

Before starting a new search, you should delete the entered characters by clicking the X button. Enter the name of a dish or product using the keyboard. The system will perform the search as you enter the name, and the found items will be displayed at the bottom of the window. The search is being performed using all parameters: name, barcode, code and SKU. Add the product or dish found to the order by tapping on it with the left mouse button.