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Updated on 11/13/2018
iikoFront 6.2
Work Windows
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In the Orders section, you may see free and seated tables served by clocked in employees.

Depending on the permissions, there are several table view modes:

  • By Waiters - list of all tables served by the selected employee with order details.
  • All Tables - list of clocked in waiters (or at least they have one table open) with tables they serve.
  • Floor Plan - arrangement of tables in the restaurant’s dining rooms.

In the “By waiters” mode, a table with an open order shows a table number, the order opening time, a list of ordered items and their number, order total.

On the left, you can see a list of clocked in employees that may register orders on their names. The work screen displays order information of the selected (and highlighted) employee.

If a waiter has more than 12 orders open, and there are not enough cells, the system uses additional pages (#2, #3, etc.). To be able to see all orders of the waiter, select the waiter and tap Orders .

If the first page has enough free cells, you may merge it with the second one. For this, press the button.

In the “All Tables” mode, orders taken by one waiter are given in lines with cells. The cells show table numbers where the orders have been taken. 

If a waiter has more than 12 open orders, and there are not enough cells, the system adds a new line. This new line disappears if it has no orders and a previous one has at least one free cell.

If the first line has enough free cells, it may be merged with the second one. For this, press the button.

To take a new order, tap on a free table. For how to add items and complete the order, see the Order Taking article.

Employees that have the “Create and edit orders of other waiters” (F_AOT) permission may view and edit orders taken by other employees and register new order in their name.

Only one employee may work with the order at a time.

In the “By Waiters” and “All Tables” modes, the screen shows the total revenue produced by employees:

  • By orders. All items are registered on the waiter that opened the order.
  • By items. An item is registered on the waiter who added it to the order.

The total revenue view option can be configured in the Display waiter personal sales field of the outlet settings in iikoOffice. This setting does not have any effect on the payroll process. To avoid any kind of misuse, you may turn off the display of such information using the “View wages on personal page” (F_VPSD) permission.

To promptly serve your guests, e.g., in the bar, use the quick bill mode.

Order screen

On the order screen, you may choose and add items ordered by your guests.

In the top right corner of the screen, you may see the following buttons:

  •  - use it to go the advanced menu.
  •  - use it to lock the screen and go to the login page.


On the order screen, you may see a complete menu containing items and groups. A quick menu with three tabs for the most frequently used items and groups can be found on the right-hand side of the window.

For your convenience and display reasons, the buttons have different colors and images. You can configure this when setting up the quick menu in iikoOffice. For how to set up menu buttons, please check the Additional information article.

Menu navigation buttons:

  • Arrow . Go one menu level down.
  • Search . Search an item by its name, SKU, barcode or quick code. For details, see the Data Input and Search article.
  • Home . Go to the top level.
  • Combos . The button is available if iikoCard is used. For more details on combos and their settings, see the Combos article.
  • Tips . The button is available if iikoCard is used. For more details, check the Tips article.

List of items

On the left-hand side of the screen, you can see a list of ordered items with their modifiers and quantity.

To select more than one item in the order, tap in the area to the left of the item name. The modifiers will be selected automatically if an item they belong is chosen.

To select all items of one guest, tap the same area on the left-hand side of the guest line.

Press to select all order items. It will be highlighted in yellow. Tap this button again to uncheck order items.

You can find quick keys over the list of orders. They show some basic order details: order taking time, order type, bill number, table number, waiter and the number of guests.

Use the quick keys to:

  • Transfer an order to another waiter.
  • Select order type. A waiter may specify the order type manually, otherwise, the system may ask for it automatically at the time set in the outlet settings. To avoid selecting the order type each time you create one, you can set the default type in iikoOffice.
  • Specify the number of guests at the table. For details, see the Changing the Number of Guests article.
  • Move an order to another table. For more details, see the Order transfer article.
  • Hide served items.

You may add one more guest to the order, set courses, add a comment and manage modifiers. For this, use the keys located over the order items:

  • Guest . By default, all items are registered on the first guest. To add one more guest and split the order, tap this key. For details, see the Changing the Number of Guests article.
  • Courses . Use it to set the order according to which items shall be served. For more details, see the Courses article. You may disable the course panel for each section in iikoOffice.
  • Comment to add special customer requests, for instance, “Add sausage on the half pizza only”, or if a customer orders an item out of the menu.
  • Mix , e.g., to mix beverages.
  • Modifiers to edit single and group modifiers or schemes of modifiers. The key is available if an item with modifiers is selected on the list.

The total order price includes item prices as well as applicable discounts and surcharges. The price block is located under the list of items. Here you may see the following keys:

  • Discount and surcharge percentage . Use this key to apply a discount, select a price category, link a guest to the order. For more details, see the Discounts and Surcharges article.
  • Price list . By pressing the keys, you may change the price list. For details, see the Selling Items Off-Schedule article.
  • Subtotal - net price of all items.
  • Prepayment amount.
  • Total amount after discounts and surcharges. If you press the order total price, the menu buttons with the items’ names would show their prices.

Your guests are free to order both the portion or half of it or ask to split an item between them. To change the number of portions, use:

  • The and keys to increase or reduce the number of portions by one.
  • The key to enter the required number of portions including fractions. For instance, if you want to place an order for a half serving of an item.
  • The key to split items among guests.
  • The key to open the advanced menu screen:
    • The Actions block contains all order operations.
    • The Item Transfer block - transfer of individual items for order splitting. To transfer several items, select them on the list by pressing the area to the left of the name. For more details on the order transfer, splitting and merging, see the Moving the Order and Combining Two Orders articles.
    • In the Information block, you may add the selected item to the out-of-stock list and enable the display of items prices on the menu keys.

  • The key is used to delete the selected item. For details, see the Deleting an Item article.