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Updated on 11/13/2018
iikoFront 6.2
Reservations and Banquets
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To make sure that your guests are always satisfied after visiting your restaurant and come again and again, the system has convenient iikoHostess tools that allow you to reserve tables as well as register banquet orders along with the guests' requirements.

A reserved table is highlighted on the floor plan and shows the start of the reservation. This allows to avoid situations in which guests who have made the reservation come to find their table occupied. You will be automatically notified about the start of the reservation time, in which case you will be provided with additional information such as guests’ requests made at the time of booking, e.g. flowers on the table.

You can prepare a menu for the banquet order, and then send it to the kitchen for preliminary examination, take all the guest requirements into account and take prepayment.

You can see the information on banquets and reservations (BR) registered in iiko both in the BR list and on the floor plan.

The system will let you forget about any overdue banquets. If a banquet was paid in advance and/or it has printed dishes and the start time for the banquet has already passed, it will be shown on the list regardless of the date or period used to view the banquet list. In the banquet list they will be highlighted in pink and the system login screen will display a corresponding warning (see below).

List of banquets and reservations

You can open the BR list by clicking Banquets and Reservations in the Advanced Menu screen or Banquets/Reservations on the Floor Plan. It displays all the BRs for today (by default) or for any other date that may be selected from the calendar or by using the < and > buttons.

You can also check BRs for the period you want. For this, click Period (the button will change its name to Date) and select its start and end dates from the calendar. When you click this button again, you will be taken to the view by date.


When you switch from the By date view to By period, the period begins at the set date, and to set the end of the period, the system adds 31 days to the start date.

The following information is displayed for each banquet or reservation:

  • Type of service: banquet or reservation.
  • The status can be changed automatically or manually: Active, Guest showed up, Cancelled (reason: Cancelled by guest / Guest didn’t show up / Other). The order amount will be also displayed for the banquet.
  • BR start time. Today/tomorrow is specified below, or the date, if the BR starts the day after or later.
  • Hall name and table number.
  • Number of guests.
  • Client details (name, phone number, card number and card type).
  • Comments, for instance, Flowers on table or Cancelled by guest.

The list shows only active (with the Active status) BRs for the specified date (period) by default. You can exclude either banquets or reservations from the list by clicking one of the corresponding buttons above the list. The button will be displayed as not actuated: not highlighted in yellow. To display the full list, click Banquet (Reservation) again and it will turn yellow.

To display both active and removed BRs, click the Only Active button and it will be shown as inactive. When you click it again, this will show only active orders (the button will turn yellow).

The BR list can be sorted out by any parameter, e.g. time. For this, click the column header area (Date and Time). Data will be sorted in ascending order ( icon). If you click it again, this will change the direction of sorting ( icon).

The Banquets and Reservations button is available on the Advanced Menu screen, if the user has the Edit reservations and banquets (F_ERS) or View reservations and banquets (F_VRS) rights.

If the user has only the F_VRS (view) right, then to change the order status (e.g. when you click Banquet Started) and making other changes to the banquet/reservation card will require swiping a card with the F_ERS (edit) right.

From the BR list you can create a new order by clicking New Banquet (Reservation) and filling in its card (see below).

Banquets and reservations on the floor plan

The Floor Plan button on the work screen makes BRs displayed in the form of occupied tables for the current day on the restaurant floor plan. If several BRs have been registered for a table, the system will show the upcoming. In Floor Plan mode, you will see the buttons with the room names on the left and tables layout on the right. Occupied tables will be marked with the letters “R” (reservation) and “B” (banquet) with color background, and on the right you will see the start time of the reservation. The background color depends on the BR's status:

BackgroundBanquet/reservation status
You still have time to prepare the table (over one hour left until the time of reservation and 6 hours until the time of a banquet).
It is time to prepare the table (less than one hour left until the start of reservation and less than 6 hours until the start of a banquet).
The banquet/reservation start time has already passed (guests are late).

To go back to the list, press with the number of BRs or Back.

Notifications about banquets and reservations in the login window

When logging in to the system pay attention to the notifications about upcoming BRs for the day, they will be shown as multicolor cards:

  1. The system will alert 6 hours before a banquet and 1 hour before reservation with a yellow card (if Remind in advance is set in BR parameters). The information on this BR will be shown on a yellow card. You should either start to prepare the table or change the BR’s table or time.
  2. If the time for preparing a table is up (1 hour prior for reservation and 6 hours for a banquet) and it is occupied with another order, the information on this BR will show the pink warning Table taken! You either have to settle up with your guests at this table and prepare it for the BR, or transfer the BR to another table or time.
  3. If a BR has not started at the scheduled time, the BR’s details will also contain the pink warning Late!. You can contact the client (the client’s details are in the BR’s card) and, if necessary, cancel the order or reschedule it for some other time.

The warning card will show the following:

  • BR start time.
  • Number of guests (in brackets).
  • Hall name and table number.
  • Warning (Table taken!, Late!)
  • Comment specified in BR card (e.g. Put flowers).

You can disable the notifications in iikoOffice. This setting applies to the entire group, that is why all terminals of the group will stop showing such warnings.

For this:

  1. Go to Administration | Outlet settings.
  2. Select the group the terminal belongs to.
  3. Uncheck Display notifications about banquets and reservations on the lock screen in the Restaurant settings block.