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Updated on 11/13/2018
iikoFront 6.2
Common Tasks & Help
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Common Tasks

How do I change an app theme?

To change an iikoFront theme, follow this:

  1. Click and go to Tools > Theme.
  2. Choose a theme. By default, there are only two themes available: Dark and Light. If you want to use other themes, contact your iiko dealer.
  3. Click OK to restart the app or wait until iikoFront restarts by itself.

How do I change an app language?

To change an iikoFront language:

  1. Click and go to Tools > Language.
  2. Select the language you need.
  3. Click OK to restart the app or wait until iikoFront restarts by itself. 

iiko Help

How do I get help from iiko?

To get help from iiko fast, click > TeamViewer. In the pop-up window, you can see our helpdesk telephone numbers and the rules for interaction with iiko staff. For us to connect to your terminal, it must be online.

Why the TeamViewer key is not available?

You can run TeamViewer from iiko if you have the "Close application" (F_CA) permission. By default, it’s only the admin who has this permission.


What shall I do if one of the POS fails and the orders are not accessible from another terminal?

You have to unlock your orders in the main cash register. For this:

  1. Click and go to Tools > Emergency operations.
  2. Click Reset locks.
  3. Select the terminal from the list.
  4. Click Reset lock and confirm.

How can I learn what emergency operations have been carried out in iikoFront?

Emergency operations are recorded in the Event Log in iikoOffice and in log files.

How do I run a quick POS diagnostics?

To check your terminal status real quick, click and go to Tools > Status or click a version number in the iikoFront screen header (on the top left). A window showing the terminal status will open up. You can copy this information to the clipboard.

Terminal status details