Choosing Items 

To change the status of an item, it must be selected on the kitchen screen. You can change the status of all orders or course items by selecting the order or course. You can use shortcut keys for this.

Select an item on the kitchen screen with a single tap. To select the course, tap on the header. You can set up another way to do it. You can select an item by pressing the row and holding it down. If you release it too soon, the entire course will be selected. The default holding time is 1.5 seconds, but you can change it in the configuration file.

The workflow order may accidentally be violated. For instance, some items may not be ready yet, but the chef marks them as served. In this case, a corresponding warning message will be displayed. The chef must either confirm the change of the status or cancel the operation if it’s wrong.

Changing The Status 

To change the status, follow this:

  1. Select an item, course, or order on the kitchen screen. This will invoke the Actions window.
  2. Select a new status by tapping on a corresponding button. If an item (course or order) is already being prepared, tap In progress. If an item (course or order) is ready, tap Ready, take.
  3. Course (order) items may have different statuses. In this case, assigning the same status to all the items requires confirmation.
  4. The Cooking not started button is used to switch the status of an item (course or order) back to the initial status. For instance, a chef accidentally marks a wrong item (course or order) as being cooked.

Therefore, when you switch the item status back to the Time to cook, the system would check whether a kitchen ticket or serving ticket has been printed or not. If an item belongs to one of the courses from 2 to 4, and a serving ticket was not printed yet, the item takes the Waiting status.

  1. To go back to the kitchen screen without changing the status, tap Cancel. The current status button is highlighted with yellow. Tap this button to Cancel changes.

If an item has the Deleted status, the Actions dialog is not available.

When handling orders, a waiter and a chef do the following:

  1. A waiter adds items to the order and prints it to the kitchen. The items appear on the kitchen screen with the Time to cook status. The screen displays the cooking time. If half of the default cooking time has passed, but preparation has not yet started, the items would automatically become urgent.

If courses are used, then after printing such order, VIP items appear on the kitchen screen highlighted in color, 1-course items have the Time to cook status, and the items from the following courses have the Waiting status. The screen shows the cooking time.

  1. A chef taps the In progress button to indicate that an item is being cooked. The countdown before passing the item to the waiting station begins immediately after printing the item.
  2. When the item is ready, the chef taps Ready, take. The server is notified that the item is ready, and a list of items to be taken from the kitchen is displayed on the terminal.
  1. The server takes the items and marks them as served. For this, he or she taps on the corresponding rows on the list of prepared items.

You can change the status from Waiting to Ready bypassing In progress.

Changing The Status Set By Mistake 

A chef can change the status set by mistake, switch to the previous status, and view deleted items. A special mode is used to view processed items. In this mode, you can only see items you have already finished handling. They may have different statuses: Served, Waiting, Time to cook, In progress, and Ready.

In the Recall mode, most recent items are given on top of the list. For instance, a chef has accidentally indicated that an item is ready and needs to change it back to the In progress status. He or she taps the RECALL button, selects the item, and sets the In progress status.

Most recent courses and orders are given in the top left corner. For instance, at the wait station, you can see all items, and, in the Recall mode, only served items. So, if an employee accidentally indicates that an order (course) is served, he or she needs to tap the RECALL button. Most recently served orders (courses) are given in the top-left corner; the rest are given below and to the right. An employee selects the order (course) and marks it as ready but not served. Then, he or she taps the RECALL button and returns to the normal mode.

The ability to change statuses displayed in the Recall mode can be set in the settings window.

Deleted items are strikethrough, but it can’t be undone from the kitchen screen. For instance, a chef closed a deleted item. Then he got distracted and forgot which item he or she no longer had to cook. The chef is able to switch to the Recall mode and find deleted items.

Changing Quantity Of Ready Items 

You can change the quantity of some items even if they are already cooked. For more details on how to set up such items, see the Changing Quantity After Cooking article.

To change the quantity of a prepared item on the kitchen screen, follow this:

  1. Select an item you want to change.
  2. Change its status from In progress to Ready.
  3. In the pop-up window, enter the required quantity and tap OK.

The kitchen ticket will not be reprinted.

You can change the quantity when you switch the status to Served bypassing the Ready status.

If you made any mistake but already changed the status to Served, use the recall mode. For this:

  1. Tap RECALL.
  2. Select an item and change its status to Ready.
  3. Quit the recall mode. For this, tap RECALL again.
  4. Change the status from Ready to the preceding one, e.g., In progress or Cooking not started.
  5. Change the status to Ready again.
  6. And in the pop-up window, you will see the quantity which had been specified earlier. Enter the required quantity and tap OK.

It is impossible to change the quantity of a printed item if:

  • A bill has been printed.
  • An order has been paid.
  • The main cash register is unavailable.

Viewing Recipes 

To quickly check an item recipe for an item, you can have it displayed on the kitchen screen.

You can view the recipe in any mode. For this, tap on the item name and then RECIPE in the order or course. If an item is printed in one of the sizes, the recipe will be given for that particular size.

If an item is not yet printed, tap RECIPE on the KDS and select the item from the list or enter its name, SKU, or a barcode in the search bar. In the case of sized items, the default size recipe will be displayed. If there is no default size configured, the recipe will be given at random.