iikoFront Setup 

When you start iikoFront the first time, you may be taken to the window where you have to enter a connection code.

You can get this code from your admin or in iikoOffice if you have access. For details, please see the Equipment section in the First-Time Setup article.

Enter the code and tap Connect.

If you are not taken to the connection window, it means that all is set and you can use your POS terminal right away.

Window 

When you launch iikoFront, the sign-in window appears. Here you can swipe your card or enter your PIN to log in to the system, as well as assign drivers in case your restaurant provides delivery. Besides, reservations and banquets are shown here if configured in iikoOffice.

You can set an image or video as a lock screen saver.

To set a background image, go to Administration > Outlet settings in iikoOffice, then click Select in the iikoFront start page image section and specify a BMP, JPG, GIF, or PNG file.

To add a video:

  1. Create the C:\Program Files\iiko\iikoRMS\Front.Net\media directory and put the required file there, rename it as login.wmv. By default, iikoFront uses files with this name.
  2. You may use any other video and place it in any directory. Use Windows Media Player compatible files. Set it up in the config.xml configuration file in the loginScreenVideoPathparameter parameter. For instance, <loginScreenVideoPath>C:\demo.mp4</loginScreenVideoPath>.
  3. Reboot iikoFront.


To start using your iikoFront terminal, you need to clock in. For this, you need to log in to the system by swiping your card or entering your PIN. Keep in mind, if you log in to the system by entering your PIN code, then you will need to swipe your card or the card of a responsible manager to clock in (depending on your access permissions).

If you are not clocked in, you will see your personal page where you need to tap Clock in, otherwise, you won’t be able to take orders. You can also clock in from the Advanced Menu screen.

In case certain subdivision restrictions are set in iikoOffice, you may only sign in at the subdivision specified in your file.

A responsible employee must open a till shift on all POS terminals. For details, see the Till Shift article.

If you have more than one role, then, when you clock in, you may choose any role available at that moment.

Role availability is determined by the work schedule:

  • “Salary” or “Flexible” roles are available at all times. But if your role has the No confirmation for off-schedule work option disabled, then you need to swipe a card with the “Confirm unscheduled attendance” (F_CWAUS) permission to select such a role.
  • “Schedule” roles are available only if there are corresponding shifts on the schedule.

Unavailable roles will be unavailable and highlighted with gray.

You may change your role during the day. For this, go to your personal page, tap CHANGE POSITION and select any available role from the list. In which case, the current role will be dropped and a new role taken.

If there are no roles available at the moment, then you may only work under the current role.

Using Waiter Lock Keys 

Servers can use Waiter Lock keys to log in. The key may only be used if you are on the iikoFront login window.

To unlock the terminal, insert your key into the lock. To lock the terminal and go to the login window, remove the key.

If you logged in with the key, to lock the terminal you must use the key. If you tap , a warning message pops up, and the terminal will not be locked.

If the key is used, the terminal will not be locked automatically.


At the end of your shift, you should clock out. If you have any open orders, transfer them to another employee. By default, you can clock out regardless of open orders. However, if the Clock out while open orders exist option is disabled in the outlet settings, you have to close your open orders or transfer it to another waiter to clock out.

Tap and then Clock out. Keep in mind that if you close your shift ahead of time specified in the shift schedule, a penalty may be charged (defined in the system settings).

Terminal Shutdown 

You can shut down your workstation (e.g. at the end of day) directly from iiko. In which case, you will be clocked out automatically.

By default, only managers can shut down the terminal. Use the button for this. If tapped, depending on the system settings, you will be prompted to shut down or lock the terminal.