To make sure that your guests are happy with your service and come again, the system has convenient iikoHostess tools that allow you to reserve tables as well as register banquet orders and specific requirements of your customers.

A reserved table is highlighted on the floor plan and shows the reservation start time, which allows you to avoid situations when guests show up to find their table occupied. You will be notified of the reservation start time and provided with additional information such as specific requests made at the time of booking, e.g. flowers on the table, etc.

You can prepare a menu for a banquet order and send it to the kitchen for the cooks to get familiar with it, consider all the requests, and take the prepayment.

You can see the information on banquets and reservations (B&R) registered in iiko both on the B&R list and on the floor plan.

The system won’t let you forget about any overdue banquets. If a banquet is prepaid and/or it has printed items and the start time has already passed, it will be shown on the list regardless of the date or period used to view the banquet list. On the banquet list, such orders will be highlighted with pink and the system login screen will display a corresponding warning (see below).

List of Banquets & Reservations 

You can open the B&R list by tapping Banquets & Reservations in the main menu or Reservations on the Floor Plan. It shows all the banquets and reservations for today or for any other date that may be selected from the calendar or using the < and > buttons.

You can also check B&R for the period you want. For this, tap Period and select the start and end dates from the calendar. Tap Date to view orders by date.

When you switch from the Date view to the Period, the period begins at the specified date and ends after 31 days.

The following information is provided for each banquet or reservation:

  • Type. Banquet or Reservation.
  • Status. Active, Guest showed up, Canceled (reason: Canceled by guest / Guest didn’t show up / Other). It can be changed either manually or automatically. The banquet order amount is also displayed.
  • Time. B&R start time. Below comes Today or Tomorrow, or the date, if a BR starts the day after or later.
  • Rooms, tables. Room name and table number.
  • Guests. Number of guests.
  • Customer. Customer details (name, phone number, card number and type).
  • Comments. For instance, “Flowers on table” or “Canceled by guest.”

By default, this list shows only active (Active status) B&R for the specified date or period. You can exclude either banquets or reservations from the list by pressing one of the corresponding buttons above the list. The button will be given as not pressed: not highlighted with yellow. To display the full list, tap Banquet or Reservation again and it will turn yellow.

To display both active and removed B&R, tap the Active only button (it will be shown as not pressed). If you tap it again, only active orders will be shown (the button turns yellow).

The list of B&R can be sorted by any parameter, e.g. time. For this, tap on the column header (Time). The data will be sorted in ascending order ( icon). If you tap on it again, the sorting direction will be reversed ( icon).

The Banquets & Reservations button is available in the main menu if the user has the “Edit reservations and banquets” (F_ERS) or “View reservations and banquets” (F_VRS) permissions.

If the user has only the F_VRS (view) permission, then to change the order status (for example, if you tap Banquet Started) and make other changes to the banquet/reservation record, a card with the F_ERS (edit) permission must be swiped.

While in the B&R list, you can create a new order by tapping New Banquet (Reservation) and filling in the file.

Banquets & Reservations on the Floor Plan 

The Floor Plan shows B&R orders as occupied tables for the current day. If there is more than one order taken on the table, the system shows the upcoming. On the Floor Plan screen, the rooms are given on the left and the tables are on the right. Occupied tables are marked with the R (reservation) and B (banquet) on the color background, and the reservation start time is given on the right-hand side. The background color depends on the B&R status:

Back ColorBanquet/Reservation Status
You still have time to prepare the table (over one hour left before the reservation and 6 hours before the banquet).
It is time to prepare the table (less than one hour left before the reservation and less than 6 hours before the banquet).
The banquet/reservation start time has already passed (guests are late).

To go back to the list, tap with the number of B&R orders or Back.

Notifications of Banquets & Reservations 

Notifications of upcoming banquets and reservations for the current day are given on the sign-in page as multicolored boxes.

  1. The system gives such notifications 6 hours before a banquet and 1 hour before reservation as a yellow card (if the REMIND IN ADVANCE option is enabled in the B&R settings). You should either start preparing the table or change the table or time.
  2. If the table setting time is running out (1 hour for reservation and 6 hours for a banquet) but there are still other guests at the table, a corresponding warning “Table taken!” will be given on the pink card. You either have to settle up with your guests at this table and set it up for the B&R or transfer the B&R order to another table or change the time.
  3. If the B&R has not started as scheduled, the B&R detail will also contain a warning—“Late!”—on the pink background. You can contact the customer (his or her details are given in the B&R file) and, if necessary, cancel the order or reschedule it for some other time.

The warning shows:

  • B&R start time
  • Number of guests (in parenthesis)
  • Room name and table number
  • Message: “Table taken!”, “Late!”, and others
  • Comment specified in the B&R file, for instance, “Put flowers.”

You can disable notifications in iikoOffice. This setting applies to the entire group, that is why all terminals in the group will stop showing such warnings.

For this:

  1. Go to Administration > Outlet settings.
  2. Select the group the terminal belongs to.
  3. Uncheck Display warnings about banquets and reservations on the lock screen in the Restaurant setup block.