Course/item in a course, order, list of items is selected on the kitchen screen

KeyAction on the kitchen screen if the serving is selectedAction on the kitchen screen if the dish in serving, order, or list of dishes is selected
EnterSelect the first dish in the servingSelect a serving or order again, if a dish was selected in the serving/order
Esc Select a serving, where a dish belongs
Space Open the status windowOpen the status window
Up arrowNavigate upNavigate up
Down arrowNavigate downNavigate down
Right arrowNavigate rightn/a
Left arrowNavigate leftn/a
HomeNavigate to start screen
The same function as the dish number button located on this screen
Navigate to the first (upper) dish
Page UpNavigate left by one view The same when pressing the left arrow
Page DownNavigate right by one view The same when pressing the right arrow
QSwitch to Waiting/Time to cook status
WSwitch to In progress status 
ESwitch to Ready status 
RSwitch to Served status 
TabSwitch to next view mode
ZSwitch to By order view 
XSwitch to By serving view 
CSwitch to By dish view 
BreakGo to Advanced Menu 
+Switch serving to next statusSwitch dish to next status
-Switch serving to previous statusSwitch dish to previous status
InsertIn normal mode the same as “+”; in Recall mode the same as “-”
Shortcut menuOpen filters window Select first (top) station
1-9Select serving under corresponding No.n/a
BackspaceEnable/disable Recall mode 

Status window, filters window

KeyAction in status windowAction in filters window
EnterClose windowSave changes and close filters window
EscClose status window Without saving changesSave changes and close filters window
Space Switch dishes/serving to previous statusEnable/disable selected filter
Up arrown/aNavigate up by one station/status
Down arrown/aNavigate down by one station/status
Right arrow Navigate from stations to statuses or from statuses to stations To top of list
Left arrow 
BreakClose window + go to Advanced MenuSave changes and close filters window + go to Advanced Menu
+Switch dishes/serving to next statusEnable selected filter
-Switch dish/serving to previous statusDisable selected filter
Shortcut menuSave changes and close filters window

Delete confirmation dialog, system message

KeyAction in the delete confirmation dialog windowAction in the system message window
EnterClose windowConfirm and close window
EscClose windowCancel and close window
SpacePress selected button Close window
BreakClose window 

Advanced Menu, employee's personal page, lock screen

KeyAction in the Advanced MenuAction on the employee's personal pageAction on the lock screen
EscLockLockClear PIN
HomeOpen iikoSousChef screenn/an/a
Breakn/aGo to Advanced Menu Activated only if clocked inn/a
Shortcut menuOpen employee's personal pagen/an/a
1-9n/an/aEnter PIN number

A chef can manage the kitchen screen using the keyboard which has the Bump (Insert) button, e.g., Logic Controls KB1700 POS Keyboard. In normal mode this button has the same function as “+”, e.g., to switch a dish or serving to the next status. In special Recall mode the Bump button has the same function as “-”, e.g., to switch a dish or serving to the previous status.