While in the POS, you can always go to your personal page. Here you may learn how much you earned during the last month. Here you can clock in and out.

To prevent mishandling, some information about the revenue and employee’s salary may be hidden from this page. You can set it up in iikoOffice. For this, you need to have the “View wages on personal page” (F_VPSD) permission.


Your personal page shows the history of your performance. At the beginning of the month, you can see which transactions in the past month affected your paycheck the most and how much you earned in the current.

The RESULTS table provides some details on the employee’s performance for the last 12 months:

  • Personal sales (PS) is the total sales in the current month.
  • Average hourly sales (AHS) is the average sales per hour: PS / Worked.
  • Worked is the number of hours worked during the current month.
  • Bonus is the incentive award amount. For instance, an employee’s percentage of sales charged to his or her personal account.
  • Time-based payment is the hourly pay rate multiplied by the registered time. The rate should be specified in the employee’s file.
  • Penalties are deductions from the employee’s salary, e.g., tardiness penalty.
  • Total is the time-based payment minus deductions.


The DETAILS table shows all the amounts credited to and debited from the employee’s account for last month: salary, bonus, and penalty. The table provides the following parameters:

  • Transaction date. Transactions are given in the reversed chronological order.  To view the list, use up and down arrows in the top-left and bottom-left corners or the scroll bar.
  • Transaction type. Hourly rate, bonus, penalty, and so on.
  • Transaction amount. Deduction amounts are given with the minus symbol.
  • Transaction detailed description.


All the accruals under active incentive programs are given in a separate table. Here you can find the program conditions explained and see the results achieved.

At first, you see program results regardless of till shifts. They are followed by the results broken down by shifts in the reversed chronological order.


Here you can find messages prepared for you personally. They include important up-to-date information. The newsfeed may cover incentive programs, sales plans, schedule, and other official information.

News is prepared in iikoOffice in the Administration > News Builder section.