This database (or reference book) includes guests who have ever placed an order for a banquet, booked a table, or ordered delivery.

In the customer file, you may specify some general information, link a discount card, assign a discount or price category.

The guest database can be edited by an employee who has the “Work with guest reference book” (F_GUEST) permission.

Adding New Guests

  1. Click > Guest list and you will be taken to the database.
  2. Click New guest.
  3. In the guest file, enter his or her First name and Last name.
  4. For reservation and banquet customers, enter their telephone number. In this case, you don’t need to specify their card number.
  5. If you issue a card, enter its number. The number may include any letters and digits, as well as mask symbols (.,$^{}[](|)*+-?\=).
    The number must be unique, that is why you cannot add two guests with the same card number. The following situations are possible:
    • If the same card number found in the system, then, depending on its settings, the Discount/Surcharge or Price category fields will be filled up automatically.
    • If there is no such card number in the system, then, after saving, there will be a new card created for this customer with the specified number. Select a discount/surcharge or price category for this card.
  6. You may also select a discount or price category for the guest manually.
  7. Specify the email address in the Email field and some additional information.
  8. Specify which newsletters a guest agrees to receive.
    The Subscribed to order status notifications item applies only to delivery orders.
  9. Your regulations may require employees to ask customers for consent to store their personal data. Ask your guest if he or she agrees to personal data processing and specify their response in the I agree to have my personal data processed: field. 
    • If a guest does not agree or asks to delete his/her personal data from the system, leave the field unchecked. It should look like this .
    • If a guest agrees to personal data storing and processing, check the box—.
  10. Tap OK.


Some guest file items are given depending on the Outlet Settings or Chain Settings.

To specify your customers’ decision on the issue of their personal data being processed, check the Require consent to personal data processing item. 

To avoid turning on order status notifications every time you register a new customer, enable this option for all new guests. For this, check the By default, new guests are notified of the order status item in the settings.