You can take and pay orders only if you are clocked in and have permission to handle the cash register. Your terminal must have an open till shift. A till shift can be opened by an employee with corresponding permissions, like a manager.

Getting Started 

  1. Sign in to the system by swiping your card or entering your PIN. You will be taken to the main menu.
  2. Tap Clock In. Clock in date and time are recorded and displayed on the screen.
  3. Tap OK. You will be taken to the order processing window.

Taking Orders

Once an order is paid and closed, a service ticket is printed. Once an item is cooked, a chef would scan the barcode, and the system would show order details on the customer screen (e.g. iikoArrivals).

While on the payment screen, you can go back to the order window at any time and make some changes to it, for this tap BACK.

To Take an Order

  1. While in the order-taking window, find the required item in the quick or full menu.
    For how to handle items on the list, please refer to the Work Windows article.
  2. If a guest has a discount card, swipe it while on the order screen. 
  3. When your guest is ready to check out, tap Cash Register.
  4. In the payment window, select the payment method.

For how to add an item with modifiers, see the Ordering Items With Modifiers article.

For how to add an odd portion of an item, check the Half Serving of an Item article.

For how to add a weighed item, see the Selecting the Weight article.

For how to add a discount, refer to the Discounts & Surcharges article.

To Run a Tab

If a guest intends to spend some time at your venue and pay before he or she leaves, open a tab. For how to run and handle a tab, please check the Tabs article.

Payment Methods

  • CASH. Tap CASH PAYMENT, enter the amount received from your guest and tap PAY. The system will print a receipt and the order will be closed.
  • BANK CARD. Make the transaction using the payment terminal, then tap BANK CARDS, select the card type, enter the amount due, and tap PAY.
  • ON THE HOUSE. Tap No Revenue and, in the pop-up window, select the expenditure type: free staff meals, hospitality or gift certificates. Then write a comment and swipe a responsible manager’s card (this is specified in the payment type settings). 
  • NON-CASH PAYMENT. Tap NON-CASH PAYMENT and specify the required type, for instance, On Credit. Choose who you are going to provide the credit (employee or customer), enter the amount, and tap PAY. Please confirm the operation by swiping a responsible employee's card.
  • BONUS & DEPOSIT CARD. If you need to charge some bonus points to this card, select the payment method, enter the amount, and swipe your customer’s bonus card. The payment list will show bonus balance details. Tap Pay and confirm the accrual of bonus points by swiping a card with the “Confirm accrued bonus points” (F_APA) permission. If you do not have the privilege to charge bonuses, click Cancel. Then you can pay an order without accruing bonuses or go back to the cash register screen. When you tap Pay Without Bonus, the system prints a fiscal receipt, and bonus points are not charged to the card.

To Deposit Cash 

  1. In the order window, tap > Deposit.
  2. Select the required deposit type. The list of deposit types is configured in iikoOffice.
  3. Select the contractor which makes a deposit and enter the deposit amount.
  4. Enter the reason in the Comment field.
  5. Tap Deposit.

To Withdraw Cash

The withdrawal (or payout) is carried out the same way. Withdrawal types are also configured in iikoOffice.

End Of Day 

At the end of the day, clock out.

  1. Tap > Close till shift.
  2. Tap Yes. Clock out date and time are recorded and displayed on the screen.
  3. Tap OK. You will be taken to the login page.

By default, one can clock out regardless of open or unprinted orders. However, if the Clock out while open orders exist item is unchecked in the outlet settings, you have to close orders or transfer them to another waiter to clock out.

At the end of the day, shut down the terminal: tap > Shut down terminal and then tap Yes to confirm the action. This requires the “Shut down terminal” (F_CST) permission.