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Updated on 1/26/2018
iikoOffice 5.5
Employee Registration
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To register employees, one has to have B_EP Edit access permissions and B_EE Add, delete, edit employee card.

For an employee to be able to work with iiko, they must be registered in the system as a user. To do this:

  1. Select Employees item in the Employees menu.
  2. In the window that opens, click the Add button in the top left-hand corner and the Personal Card window will open.
  3. Fill up the personal card tabs.
  4. After setting all parameters click the Save button.

The list of employees can be exported to an MS Excel file. For example, you can create a telephone reference book of employees by including the phone number column and save this list in a file.

Main information

Fill in the Main Information tab fields with the employee's personal details.

The Name in system field is required.

An employee ID is generated automatically. You can change this value but it has to be unique in the system.

Select a Position from the list, it defines employee's permissions by default. The system will prompt you to set employee wages as predefined for the selected position. Once you confirm the prompt, the wages rate for the position will be automatically transferred to the Employee card. To assign several positions to an employee, check the required items. In which case, the employee will be able to work only under one of them at a time. Access permissions given to an employee together with the position will be in effect only when the employee has an open shift in this capacity.

The information in the Last Name and First Name fields is used to create a T-13 time sheet (from the Attendance Log).

To set up employee’s permissions, go to Edit permissions.

To enable employees purchase goods and services at special prices, select a price category for them.

Additional information

In the Additional Information tab, in the Contract Date field, set the employment start date and the employee's access to the system.

Employees can log into iikoFront by swiping their personal magnetic card or entering their individual PIN. If an employee is using the magnetic card reader, they must enter their card number in the Card No. field (or click  button and swipe the respective card).

The system may generate an employee’s PIN automatically. For this, use the Generate button. Or set the PIN manually. Which shall meet the following requirements:

  • A PIN shall be unique within one store.
  • Keep the same number of digits in the PINs for all employees, since they are verified by the first digits. For instance 111 and 1111 codes are considered the same.

Login to iikoOffice is performed using the employee's name and password. For an employee to have access to iikoOffice, set a login and a password for them in the corresponding fields (Login name, Password, Password Confirmation). From now on, an employee may change their iikoOffice login password. To be able to change another employee’s password, one shall have the Edit permissions (B_EP) permission.

In iikoRMS, an employee is the responsible person in their outlet ("Resp. For Outlet", Responsible field) and they can also have permissions to work with the financial module. This setup limits an employee's access to the outlet's financial data. Access to financial information in the corporation is set up in iikoChain.

Various “concepts” can be set for all transactions related to the accrual, deduction and payment of wages to employees (in the "Current Settlements with Employees" account). You can also retrieve a Cash Flow Statement with detailisation by this indicator. To do this, set the Concept parameter in the employee's personal card.


Enter ID details of the employee on the Document ID tab. Document printed forms will be filled out with this information automatically in future.


The history of wages ever paid to an employee according to the positions he or she held is given on the Payment tab.

The current wage rates are bold.

When you select a position, the system will prompt you to apply wage rates  specified in its card. You may use them or assign individual rates for each position in the employee’s card. For this:

  1. Click Set the payment rates. This will invoke the window with a table of positions assigned to the employee (specified on the Main information tab) and active rates. The schedule will be set according to the position specified in the card. The wage will be calculated automatically in case of the By Schedule and Flexible schedules, and is an estimated income of an employee per month and is not editable.
  2. Choose the position for which you need to assign the rate. The Wages schedule positions are grouped in one line. A flat wage rate is specified for such positions.
  3. Specify the payment rateрппп in the Rate columns (for the By Schedule and Flexible schedules) or Wages (for the Wages schedule) depending on the schedule set for a position.
  4. It so happens, when a person is officially employed by one company but in reality works for another one belonging under a different legal entity. And such an employee may get staff meals there on account of their wages. An employee’s wage is calculated in the store where he or she clocks in. 
    To make payroll accounting of an employee within one subdivision, check Charge payments in departments only and select the required outlet.

For chain stores, the this can be set in iikoChain.

  1. Set the validity start date for the specified wage rates in the Application date field.
  2. Enter an advance payment
  3. Click Save.

If you change wage rates for a position which had already been assigned to an employee, such changes will not affect the employee in any way.  Therefore, one has to change wage rates in an employee’s card.

When you edit a position’s schedule, it also changes the schedule in the employee’s wage rates and sometimes the rate itself. Let us say you have changed the work schedule of any Wages type position, and the employee has already had another position wage rate assigned. In this case, the position wage rate (with changed payment schedule) for such an employee will become the same as the existing one.

Changes to the work schedule for a position shall take effect:

  • As of the current date, if the Flexible work schedule was changed to the By Schedule and vice versa.
  • As of the first day of the month, if the Wages work schedule was changed to the Flexible or By Schedule and vice versa. In which case, if a change took place on the first day of the month, it will come into force as of the same date, but if a change took place on any other date, it will take effect as the first day of the next month.

To prevent backdated changing of payroll calculations, you can configure the data editing period. This feature allows to edit actual hours worked, schedule and wage rates prior to the specified date only if vested with the Edit payment rates, schedule and attendances in closed period (B_EAP) permission. An employee, vested with such a permission, is able to edit the data regardless of the period limits.

To configure editing period, go to the Daily performance record tab in Outlet settings. Specify the Lock date in the Data editing period block.

In case of iikoChain management, this field is not editable in iikoOffice.


Add an employee’s picture on the Photo tab. When watching video fragments in the event log you can view a photo of an employee and compare it to the video image (see Video Surveillance).

To add a photo, click Select and select an image file (.bmp, .jpg, .gif or .png). A photograph will appear in the tab with its size shown in pixels.

Health record and tests

To be able to monitor a schedule of employees’ medical examinations and tests, you have to specify the dates of the medical card issue in the personal cards of employees.

To appoint a medical test and add it to a medical card, follow this:

  1. Click Add.
  2. Select the required items and press OK.
  3. Specify an issue date for each test in the DD/MM/YYYY format or select in the calendar. In which case, the test expiration date will be estimated automatically according to the validity preconfigured in the directory.

  1. Click Save to apply the changes made and close the personal card.

To manage medical card entries, use the menu located above the list of tests:

To appoint a medical procedure and set its date for several employees at a time, use the group editing tool. For this:

  1. Select several employees while holding the Shift key or Ctrl.
  2. Right-click the selected lines and click Edit.
  3. One is able to edit appointing of procedures for the selected employees in the pop-up window. The process is similar to editing a medical card for one user.

Pay attention to the following:

  • If all the users in question have a medical test and the validity start date does not match, the test will have a gray font (several values).
  • If all the users in question have a medical test and the validity start date does match, the test will have the start and the end dates.
  • If all the users in question have a medical test and the validity start date is not set, the test field will be blank.
  • If you add a new medical test, the procedure of some of the selected users will have the  icon. Such procedure can be appointed to all the users, but the date of issue of those who have it the first time will be blank.


When planning an employee’s work, you have to be aware of their schedule and their availability.

For example:

  • An employee works according to the 2:2 ratio schedule or 5:2.
  • There is a student, having a part-time position of a waiter and is available on Mondays and Wednesdays from 2:00PM to 11:00PM and the whole day on Sundays.
  • An employee is out of town or does their studies.

Such periods you may plan on the Availability tab. The periods will be reflected in the schedule, and you will be able to learn when an employee is available for a shift.

By default, this section is not configured, which means that an employee is always available.

One can configure a periodic shift plan of an employee in the Employee availability schedule block. For instance, two on, two off shift or five on two off shift. For this:

  1. Click Add.
  2. Specify the schedule start date in the Start date field.
  3. Specify the schedule name.
  4. Specify the rotation of shifts in the Number of days field. For instance, two on, two off shift plan equal to four days, five on, two off plan equals to 7 days. The minimum value one can specify in this field is 1 and maximum is 7.
  5. Specify the availability of an employee on the schedule below. For this, select the required dates with a mouse. To select several intervals, use Ctrl. Employee’s availability is highlighted in green, unavailability - red.
  6. One hour is a default time interval in the availability schedule. For a more detailed planning, check Edit availability with 15 accurate to 15 minutes.
  7. Click Save.

To introduce changes to the schedule, double-click, select the required one and click Edit.

You can create several availability schedules. In which case, the previously created schedule will remain in effect until the validity start date of the new one.

You can configure days and periods as exceptions from the availability schedule in the Individual availability periods for employee block. For instance, an employee is usually not available Wednesdays, but they may show up Wednesday next week (29.06).

To set up an individual period, follow this:

  1. Select one of the items in the Type field: Available or Unavailable.
  2. Set the start and end date, as well as time of an individual availability period.

Click LBM in any area of the list. This will create a configured period.

New employee card

In order to log onto iikoFront, employees swipe their personal magnetic cards. In order to create a new card if it was lost by an employee (for example), do the following:

  1. Select Employees item in the Employees menu.
  2. Find the employee in question in the list. For a quick search, enter an employee's name or its part in the Search bar. The search takes place as you enter the name and employees found are displayed concurrently.
  3. Open the employee's personal card. For this purpose, double-click the employee's row.
  4. Move to the Additional Information tab.
  5. Position the cursor in the Card No. field and delete the previous number. Enter the new card number.
  6. Save the settings.

Group editing of employees

If certain changes apply to more than one employee, then you can make group settings to save time. For this, select the employees in question using the Ctrl and Shift keys and click Edit in the shortcut menu.

The following items can be edited in the pop-up box:

  • Position The  character next to a position means that it wasn’t assigned to all of the selected employees or it is not the primary position for all of them.
    • To assign a position to the selected employees, check it . To set a wage rate for this position, go to the Payment tab and select the rate from the position card or leave it zero to enter the required wage at a later time.
    • To make the position primary, check it in the Main role column.
  • Payment rates The Payment tab shows only those roles which have been checked on the Positions tab (assigned to the selected employees). The Wages schedule positions are grouped in one line. If the Advance Payment field has 0.00, it means that all employees have different advance payments set.
    • To set a wage rate to employees, specify the rate in the Wages or Rate column subject to the work schedule on the Payment tab opposite to the position in question. If an employee used to hold a salary-based position, which haven’t been canceled, the rate per all salary-based positions will remain unchanged after saving.
    • To assisn an advance payment to all employees, enter the required value in the  Advance payment field.
  • Medical tests Selected tests and examinations, as well as appointed dates, will apply to all selected employees. To schedule tests, click Add, check the required items and click OK. Specify an Issue date for each test.

Changing iikoOffice password

An employee can change their password for working in iikoOffice regardless of their permissions. For this purpose, all the employees with logins and passwords for iikoOffice have access to the Administration > Change your password section.