Data Exchange
Updated on 7/29/2019
iikoOffice 6.2
System Structure
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Integrated iiko management system has the following structure:

  • MS SQL Server – iiko database server.
  • iikoServer is the central part of the system that implements its core business logic, processes queries of other components of the system and coordinates their interaction.
  • iikoChain – centralized management system for a chain of outlets and production and distribution facilities (see iikoChain User Guide).
  • iikoRMS – outlet management system. Stores equipped with iikoRMS can be networked by means of iikoChain solution (see iikoChain User Guide).
  • iikoFront – POS system used to take orders (see iikoFront User Guide).
  • iikoAgent – component which provides interaction between the system and equipment.
  • iikoOperation – inventory management subsystem. Storage registration, supplier and stock list reference books setup, and inventory and analysis of the flow of goods and material resources.
  • iikoFinance – finances management subsystem. Currency and payment type setup, chart of accounts, mutual settlements with contractors, and cash flow analysis.
  • iikoPersonnel – staff scheduling system. Positions setup, staff registration, assignment of access permissions, schedule planning, automatic daily performance record, calculation of wages, percentage of sales, penalties and bonuses, incentive programs for service and production staff.
  • iikoFoodFactory – centralized management system for production and planning based on consolidated data, task distribution by departments and registration of product flow among chain units (see iikoChain User Guide).
  • iikoDocFlow - paperwork exchange with suppliers. Purchase order registration, sending orders to suppliers in electronic form, tracking order execution statuses, and obtaining receipt notes in electronic form.
  • 1C Integration - iiko data exchange with 1C Accounting.
  • iikoCard – bonus deposit system. Designed for managing a non-cash payment system, creating bonus programs, implementing various corporate catering plans, and for accounting subscriptions, for instance, gym membership (‘card on entry’ plan) (see iikoCard User Guide, as well as the following documents: Card on Entry Setup Guide, Installation and Setup Guide, Application Programming Interface, Library Use Example).
  • iikoKitchen – inventory control through iikoFront terminal, buffet service automation, document flow: expenditure invoices, write-off records, internal transfers, cooking and substitution reports, as well as printing barcode labels for standard packing units and dishes sold by weight (see Creating inventory documents in iikoFront section in iikoFront User Guide; for setup details, see Configuration of iikoKitchen and goods flow at a cash register in this guide)
  • iikoSousChef – kitchen automation. Dish preparation and handover management: order queue management, serving courses and cooking time, monitoring dish cooking statuses, integrated waiter notification system, kitchen video recording and event control (see Kitchen Screen Mode section of iikoFront User Guide).
  • iikoVideoSecurity – video surveillance system which enables to check on any system event by viewing guest service videos.
  • iikoDelivery – delivery orders management. Registration of delivery orders and customer requirements, creation of invoices and waybills for couriers, order execution and customer service control (see iikoDelivery User Guide).
  • iikoCallCenter – centralized order taking and registration. Storing a list of customers with past deliveries data, order history and customer's favorite dishes, order status monitoring, delivery time and quality control, real-time delivery reports, statistics and analytics, possibility to choose the nearest production point on electronic map, ability to accumulate iiko.NET points and use them to pay for orders (see iikoDelivery User Guide, and Installation and Configuration Guide).
  • iikoDelivery Widget – a widget for taking orders for delivery using a restaurant's website. This add-on may be used both for iikoCallCenter and iikoDelivery.
  • iikoPBX – connection of PBX to the call agent’s work station for taking orders for delivery of meals. Calls to/from customers and couriers can be made/answered at both the call center and iikoFront.
  • iikoDeliveryLogistics – creation of the best routes for couriers of delivery service. Configured and utilized in the call center.
  • iikoRadar – tracking couriers on an interactive map.
  • iikoDJ – music control in a restaurant. Enables to create individual music programs for each day of the week or hour of the day in each of the outlet's rooms, and to control music volume depending on the time of day.
  • iikoShelfManager – dish shelf life control in a fast food restaurant.
  • iikoPublisher – data exchange with external systems.
  • iikoPMS Integration – integration with hotel management systems.
  • iikoMonitoring – remote control over live orders for Table Service outlets. You receive all information about open orders, order items by guest and monitor the service rate, the number of dishes that have not yet been printed or served, as well as deleted dishes and reasons for deletion. It also displays information on orders that were not closed in previous shifts, occupied tables by waiter serving area, open tables by waiter and tables by sales channel (total traffic, banquet or delivery).
  • iikoDashboard – mobile reporting. Provides real-time information on the outlet's operating status to your mobile phone. Key performance indicators of the store: total revenue, number of bills, number of guests, average bill, and total cost. With this tool one can compare current data with data as of previous periods (e.g. as of current and previous day, month, or year).
  • Orderman – serve guests from a mobile waiter terminal (see Serving Guests with Orderman Sol Mobile Terminal section in iikoFront User Guide).
  • iikoFranchise – franchise outlet management. Collection of data on performance of franchise outlets. The tool is useful to run reports on sales, total revenues and amount of royalties for further performance analysis.
  • iikoArrivals – notifies guests to a fast-food restaurant when their meals get prepared via video display.
  • iiko24х7 IT-Support Service – round-the-clock technical support of our customers.
  • iiko documentation — links to user documentation for iiko solutions, as well as tips on how to use the system are provided on the documentation page of our website. You can select the products that are of interest to you and download the relevant documentation (in pdf format).