iikoRMS stock list items include:

  • Goods—products or goods as described in retail terms that are booked in under an invoice. Goods may be ingredients used in cooking or items used for daily operations.
  • Items (menu items)—products of commercial catering facilities prepared according to a recipe and sold to individuals or companies.
  • Semi-Finished Products—products of commercial catering facilities prepared according to their own recipe and used in cooking items.
  • Modifiers—attributes of menu items that add certain properties or cooking requirements (e.g. “no salt”, “with lemon”, etc.). They may have their own recipe.
  • Services—additional options offered by a store, e.g. a Concert ticket.

In iiko, we use a stock list reference book (database) to register and set up stock list items.

Stocklist items are divided into groups. Stocklist groups—multilevel classifications by type of storing, application, or preparation, for instance, Foodstuffs—Kitchen, Household Detergents, Hot Meals, etc. When you take an order in iikoFront, a price list is given according to the item grouping, it means that a complete price list would show the highest-level stock list groups and items first by default.

If you plan to export your data to third-party systems, you’ll need to specify an accounting category for each stock list item. To have your data transferred smoothly, accounting categories of the two systems should match.

Menu items may have different categories assigned, which will be used to run accounting and reports. A category is assigned when you set up parameters of an item.

See the Stock List Item section.

Price List

Any stock list item can be included in the price list by means of a price change order or if you specify the price and the place of sale in the item's stock list record.

Price change orders is a convenient tool that allows you to apply changes to all list items using a single document. Once an order is used, you can only change an item’s price by means of another order.

Individual price lists with a different set of menu items and prices may apply to different sections of your restaurant (e.g. bar and dining room), a delivery service, or groups of guests. Such price lists are introduced using price categories.

A waiter (or cashier) can see names of menu items and goods included in the price list on iikoFront terminals. For your convenience, the most popular items can be moved to the iikoFront quick menu.

Item Calculation

Creation of recipes and calculation of menu items (as well as semi-finished products and modifiers) are performed in stock list item records. For how to fill up item records, see the Stock List Item section. The calculation is carried out automatically when a recipe is filled up and can be printed out just like a recipe. The entire history of recipe changes is stored in the system.