This article is intended for iikoStart users and explains how to set up iikoWeb. It covers the first steps a user may take to operate a small restaurant or a café.


  1. Add all the employees that use iiko. For details, check the Human Resources article.
  2. Add shift types. For details, check the Shift Types article.
  3. Set up a schedule for your employees. For details, check the Staff Schedule article.


  1. Add goods. You buy them from your suppliers, book them in, and use them to cook items and semi-finished products. For details, check the Goods article.
  2. Add suppliers you purchase foodstuffs from.
  3. Set up purchasing procedures. For how to set it up, please refer to the Purchasing article. For how to order foodstuffs, check the Purchase Order article.
  4. Set up inventory procedures. For how to set it up, please refer to the Inventory Count section. For how to carry it our, check the Running Inventory Count article.

Start Selling 

  1. Add items and put them on sale. Chain restaurants have the same menu, prices, and recipes. For details, check the Items article.
  2. Set up a quick menu.

Sales Forecast 

The forecast is enabled by default and required no additional settings. After 6 weeks of selling, the system would prepare the first forecast and then would run weekly reports.

For how to view and edit the report, check the Sales Forecast article.

Loyalty Programs 

  1. Select the loyalty program you think fit. For details, check the Loyalty section.
  2. To implement a bonus program, add a corresponding payment type and set up a personal account for a guest. For details, check the Bonus Program article.


If you want to receive notifications about your restaurant performance, set up an email newsletter, telegram broadcasts, or digests. For details, check the Notifications section.


  1. Use iikoFront to sell your products. For how to open and close a till shift, sell an item, and accept payment, see the iikoFront Guide.
  2. Once the till shift is closed, you need to verify the cash and accept the shift. For details, please refer to the Accepting Till Shifts article.


You can learn about your restaurant performance from iikoWeb reports, which you can get in the Store Ops section.