iikoWeb For The iikoCloud Start Plan

iikoWeb helps you manage your restaurant and analyze your performance online.

iikoCloud Start plan provides quite a different iikoWeb functionality as compared to other plans. 

What settings must be made in the first place and where to begin managing your restaurant, please see the Getting Started article.

Web Office is available on the iiko hosting to users with iikoCloud license starting from version 6.0.

iikoWeb is comprised of the following modules:

  • Configuration. System settings that make you able to use other modules. Set up your restaurant and processes.
  • Store Ops. Manage your restaurant routine operations: forecast sales, purchase foodstuffs, check your inventory, run reports, manage your staff and menu.
  • Executive. Detailed analytical data and reports for restaurant chain managers and business owners.
  • Menu & Prices. Manage your stock list (goods, menu items, semi-finished products, etc.) and menu design.
  • Loyalty. Retain your customers using various loyalty programs. Choose the one that suits you the most: bonus, discount, or gift program.

iikoWeb Features

Process Management

  • Manage your restaurant operations in a web browser from anywhere in the world.
  • Set up purchasing and inventory counting in advance to make your restaurant operations smooth.

Menu & Stock List

  • Add new products, semi-finished goods, menu items, and modifiers to manage their stock balance.
  • Add images to make your menu look good on the POS screen.
  • Compile a quick menu, so your servers and cashiers would find the right menu items in no time.


  • Customize your purchasing process—decide which steps an order must go through.
  • Make your procurement fully automatic: the system would determine the quantity of food required, send an order to your suppliers by email, and make accepting goods and booking in easy.
  • Create the purchasing schedule, so that the required food is always in stock.

Sales Forecasting & Planning

  • The system forecasts your sales automatically. Adjust the forecast as you think fit.

Accurate Cash Accounting

When verifying your cash balance, count the number of each bill denomination, and the system would calculate the total amount. Cash verification goes in two steps: in step two, the manager would see discrepancies if any. 

Storage Inventory

  • Make a schedule for the inventory counting.
  • Create an inventory map: food storage locations an employee should check during the inventory count.
  • Use a smartphone or a tablet for the inventory count.


  • Register employees in iiko and provide required privileges.
  • Schedule your staff to record their work hours and manage the payroll.

Loyalty Programs

Attract new customers and retain existing ones with our loyalty programs. Three program types are available to iikoStart users: bonus program, discount program, and gift program. But only one program can be active at a time.


  • Get notified when certain events take place at your restaurant: an inventory count is missed, a till shift is not closed for a long time, some issues occur when ordering goods, etc.
  • Get daily reports on your revenue by email.

Analytical Data & Reports

Use KPI charts, diagrams, and tables to assess your current performance. Even if there might be many restaurants in your chain, you can receive up-to-date information per each one of them.