Information If you want to learn how to remove personal data of an end customer which has no iiko account, please follow straightforward instructions.
Information    The Cloud guides below cover our SAAS offers that are connected to iiko account. Please contact the service desk via email for GDPR-related requests not connected to iiko account.

We understand that you may have GDPR-specific obligations with respect to the data stored in and processed through iikoCloud products. For example, you may need to access, modify, or delete personal data upon request by certain individuals. We have prepared a GDPR FAQ and Cloud product guides that may answer some of your GDPR-specific questions.

Cloud GDPR support guides

How to contact support for GDPR-related requests

Please read the guides above to understand the steps required to remove your personal data (or personal data of your customer/partner which was submitted while using iikoCloud products). In most cases, some steps of the process must be completed by the iiko Support team. To raise a support request:

  1. Log in to using your iiko account credentials and submit a request to our team. Logging in helps us verify that you're authorized to request the removal of your personal data and to ensure that no one else can access or erase data on your behalf.
  2. Request removal of your personal data from iikoCloud products and iiko websites. You can comment on your existing support request to have your personal data removed if you have used an website to get demo / sales support.

Alternatively, you may send a request to but it will take some time to ensure that no one else has submitted a request to erase your data on your behalf.