We understand that you are using iiko Server / Data Center applications, and you may have GDPR-specific obligations with respect to the data stored in and processed through those applications. For example, you may need to access, modify, or delete personal data upon request by certain individuals. We have prepared a GDPR FAQ and guides on our Server and Data Center products, and hope they will be helpful in assisting you with your GDPR-specific obligations.

Please note that, when you use iiko Server or Data Center applications, iiko does not access, collect, store, or otherwise process personal data you choose to store within those applications, except when such data is provided for incidental support services. For this reason, iiko is neither a data processor nor data controller under the GDPR for the purposes of processing of the personal data you choose to store within iiko Server or Data Center applications. iiko may access analytics associated with your technical use of the products, but only where permitted by your administrator. Such analytical information is filtered to exclude any personal data prior to leaving your environment. If access to personal data is required for some unique cases of technical support (e.g. you ask iiko to help you confirm that you have been fulfilled completely the request of your customer to be forgotten) iiko support team ask you to conclude special agreement for personal data processing prior to get access to the data you provide iiko with.

For more information on the analytical information collected through iiko downloadable products, please see our Privacy Policy.