New tools will be delivered by the end of April 2020*

Refund Misuse Protection 

Already available to iikoCloud users. iikoClassic users will get it with version 7.2

Ill-minded employees will have a hard time misusing refunds because now they need a special permission to make a refund without the return of products to the storage. If an employee needs to make a refund only and no product return is required, a card with a corresponding permission should be swiped. If you need you can check such events in the event log.  

Useful Alerts 

Will be available only to iikoCloud users

All notifications will have a link to the event details that show, for example, numbers, time, and contents of suspicious receipts or write-off records, and so on. Furthermore, we will provide recommendations for the interpretation of such events and some advice as to how you can use the information to improve your work.

Handling Anonymous Orders Fast 

If you received a delivery order from an aggregator website and you have no customer details whatsoever or a customer placed a pick-up order and didn’t want to provide their personal data — not a big deal! You can quickly take such an order as you don’t have to create a temporary customer file in the system anymore.  


  • If you handle more than one chain store, you can now easily switch between them—no iikoChain required.
  • We will improve the export of internal expenditure invoices to third-party tools: they will be given as internal transfer rather than sales of products.
  • In the case of internal orders, you will see right away if the order is shipped or not: we are adding a new field to the list of orders. If an order is shipped, you can right away view a corresponding invoice.

New iikoWeb Features: 

Will be available only to iikoCloud users

  • Inventory handling goes easily and smoothly: to book in or out some product, you just make a few taps on your smartphone.
  • Your smartphone will be as handy as your laptop when it comes time to handle purchase orders.
  • You will be able to use iikoWeb to move goods between your chain stores.
  • If you run a chain of spread-globally franchisees, you can view consolidated reports on revenues and royalty with account of different currencies used and different interest rates.

*iikoCloud users are the first to receive new features and options: they get updates biweekly. Those who use installed solutions will have these tools available once a new version is released.