Summer 2020

July | August | September

Version 7.4.1


  • RMS-51365 A Windows printer now can print barcodes and QR codes formatted using the <barcode> tag.  


  • RMS-51024 If an order paid with iikoCard rewards is changed, iiko defines how many rewards should be redeemed automatically and suggests that an operator changes their number.
  • RMS-51168 An issue related to the new delivery address fixed.
  • COR-4992 An error that occurred when removing items while the items filter is being set up, for instance, in the “Top up account for % of order amount” action, fixed.

Spring 2020 

April | May | June

Version 7.3

Website Builder For Delivery & Collection 

Available to iikoWeb users only*

Small places that have no websites where they can accept delivery orders, now have a good option to quickly make one using our new website building solution. A new website will have the following URL:, where you can set up your menu in no time—items would be imported from your database. In this version, the solution is available to selected restaurants only.

For details, please check the Restaurant Website section on our documentation portal.

Touch-Free QR Menu

Available to iikoWeb users only*

No hard-copy menus required—your guests can view the menu on their smartphones. No need to download and install any applications—the menu just pulls up on your phone. Your guests would stay safe and healthy while viewing mouth-watering pictures of your menu items. In this version, the solution is available to selected restaurants only.

For more details, please check the eMenu article.

Lite Inventory Control

Available only to iiko Basic users*

Small businesses may now enjoy our new lite inventory control. Any product receipt or write-off operation may now be registered in the product record in iikoWeb. Any employee can do it on their smartphone or tablet at the time an operation takes place.

Suppose you need to register recently purchased 20 Tiramisu cakes. Go to your iikoWeb page and then to the Inventory section. Find the product, select Purchase in the menu, and specify the quantity and price. This will do to register products in stock.

You can count your inventory using the smartphone. Simply check how much product left in your stock and enter the quantity in the product record. Verify the quantities once the till shift is closed and there will be no more sales.

This way, your product database would stay updated, and you would receive a list of food items to be purchased for a week.

For details on the inventory management, please refer to our iikoWeb User’s Guide.

Monitor Your Inventory Movement In The Cloud 

Available to iikoWeb users only*

You don’t need a laptop with iikoOffice installed anymore to check your stock balance or assess your inventory KPIs. Handy inventory reports—Stock Balance and Inventory Movement—that used to be a privilege of on-premise users are now available in the cloud-based office.

For details, see the Stock Balance article.

Restaurant Stock Balance

Inventory Movement

Handling One Order On Several Terminals 

Good news for bars running tabs: now you can handle orders on any terminal! You take an order on one terminal and then edit or close it on any other—available or at hand. When you sign in to any POS, you will be taken to the order you edited last; your other tabs will be also available.

For details, check the Tabs article.

Offline Inventory Counting On Mobile 

Available to iikoWeb users only* 

Use your phone to count stock even if your Internet connection is poor or lost. You can do it offline, and once the connection is restored, the data will be synced with the cloud office. For this, do not close the inventory counting page on your mobile until you are online. The “No Internet” icon must go off your screen. Once the Internet is restored, the inventory count details will be sent to a manager who would complete the count when receives the data about all storage areas.

Check the Running an Inventory Count article.

Smart Combo ‒ Happy Customers

Now your iiko system can make combos if all the required items are in the order. No human error possible. Your guests would be thankful for you taking care of them.

Easy Handling of Collection Orders

Customers that decided to pick up their orders from your place would easily find you as they get your address in text notifications. For this, we have prepared a notification template which you can use for your text notifications. In the case of collection orders, the minimum order amount is not verified; as of now, this parameter is only used in delivery orders.

For details, see the SMS Templates article.

           When And Where An Order Can Be Picked Up

Changes in iikoFront Outgoing Data Queue

The iikoFront data exchange queue is moved from the UpdateQueue folder and files to the entities.sdf database. This will speed up the POS operation, especially during peak hours.

Please note that you cannot rename or delete the entities.sdf database.

Changes in iikoFront data exchange queue:

  • The queue is now stored in the entities.sdf database (UploadQueue table).
  • The updateQueueTasksInChainLimit and updateQueueMergedServerUpdateCount parameters are removed from config.xml. New updateQueueBatchSendingCount parameter added.

New Delivery Features

  • Orders that come from online food ordering and delivery platforms can be conveniently handled—we have added base order details to kitchen tickets. For instance, cooking finished slips may show the order source and prepayment details.
  • You can now move orders from one outlet to another without customer participation—you don’t need to delete the order and create a new one. An operator would simply transfer the order: the source order would have a link to a new order, and the new order would have a corresponding comment. If you think your customer should know about the transfer, an operator can call him or her, or you can add some information in the order detail that can be viewed on the website in the customer’s account.
  • If you want to register sales generated by your delivery service separately, specify an account where you want such revenue to arrive in the work schedule and mapping settings.
  • Delivery invoices now show more information: you can add a production place type, production place type ID, item category, and item parent group to the template.
  • Yet again we have improved the order-taking procedure: the context search of menu items makes an operator’s life much easier.


  • Hurray! Telephone numbers now have separators both in the interface and on receipts. For instance, +44 20 456-78-90. 
  • Waiters would spend less time on such operations as transferring items to another or new order. Now you can do it by pressing a single button.
  • If you want to issue only one coupon, you just need to enable the Single Coupon option and specify the series and prefix.
  • We have simplified consolidated orders handling for commercial kitchens with many storages. You can assign numbers to such storages and show them in the printed form template to facilitate the sorting procedure.
  • We have eliminated the possibility of human errors in the inventory document handling when an employee could create a new or edit an existing storage. Now to be able to perform such change, an employee needs the “View and change configuration of outlet” (B_EC) permission.
  • In the case of campaigns that imply discounts and special prices, it is now possible to specify which menu items the discounts should not apply to.
  • POS terminals will no longer be slowed down when processing a large customer database. For this, we have added a new option to iikoCard: Sync only those customers that visited your store.
  • We have a new shortcut for the document saving: Ctrl+S.


  • RMS-49102 An issue related to the wrong status change timing in the delivery order history fixed.
  • TRN-960 The Order Source field (sourceKey) length is now 20 characters. You can meet this field:
    • On the iikoTransport settings page in iikoWeb
    • In the order creation method: api/1/deliveries/create
    • In the banquet creation method: api/1/reserve/create
  • TRN-903 New method to obtain the ad database. You can use it to fill up the marketingSourceId field at the time of order taking.
  • COR-4837 Duplicate text messages issue fixed.
  • RMS-50987 In Poland, iikoFront does not show product return buttons.
  • TRN-957 iikoCloud API: now when retrieving the stocklist, the revision can be specified. This helps avoid sending unchanged data over the network.
  • TRN-954 Synchronous order creation mode is removed (deliveries/create) method. 
  • EXP 431 New iikoExpert users will receive 4 types of notifications by default: payment removal, order price reduction after printing a guest bill or canceling the receipt, and frequent guest check-ins. Other notifications should be enabled manually.
  • COR-4746 The Coupon condition settings now show series in the alphabetic order.
  • COR-4274 Customer database syncing error that occurs when the telephone number is changed on the main server fixed. 

Winter 2020 

January | February | March

Version 7.2 

Handling Anonymous Orders Fast  

If you receive delivery orders from food delivery aggregators that show no customer details or pick-up orders from customers who failed to provide their personal data — not a big deal! You can quickly take such orders as you don’t have to create a temporary customer file in the system anymore. You just need to specify the telephone number, which will not be stored in the system.

For how to set up anonymous orders, see the Functions Setup article of the delivery user’s guide. For how to take such orders, see the Customer Pickup article.

Here is how you can take a pickup order right in the store:

Loyalty Cards in Wallet Passes 

Your customers that use Android devices may now store their loyalty cards in the Wallet Passes app. Wallet Passes cards have the same settings as Apple Wallet cards—you won’t have to set them up twice. To view the settings, go to iikoCard > Settings > iikoWallet tab.

Now you don’t need to call technical support to set up your iikoWallet. If you have a license included in your plan, you will get iikoWallet automatically.

For details, check the iikoWallet Digital Card article.

Remind Your Customers To Use Loyalty Cards  

Nowadays, smartphones may determine location. Use it in iikoWallet and enable location-based notifications. When a customer finds themselves in the vicinity of your venue, he or she would get a reminder from the app. This way your customer won’t forget to use the loyalty card and will have a quick access to it.

For your customers to see such location-based notifications, their digital cards should be stored in Apple Wallet for iOS devices and in Wallet Passes for Android devices.

To set up location-based notifications, go to iikoCard > Settings while at and select the iikoWallet tab. Specify your venue’s location in terms of latitude and longitude and enter your message. Use available online maps to find out your coordinates, like Google, Yahoo, and so on.

For more information on location-based notifications, please refer to the iikoWallet Digital Card article.

New Delivery Options

Default Payment Method

To save your operators’ time, you can now set a default payment method. For this, use the Call Center default payment type field in the delivery general settings. Here you can choose between cash and bank cards only.

Transferring Orders In Progress To Another Store

To speed up the order taking process, cooking may start right away once an order is saved at the store. When the workload is way too high—you run short of drivers and cooks don’t keep up with the customer traffic—and the store cannot process new orders, you need to transfer them to another store that can deliver in time. 

Now, printed orders can be easily transferred to other stores, but only before they are dispatched. For this, you need to select another store in the order detail, specify the reason for the removal of items, and save. For details, see the Making Changes To An Order article.

The order transfer to another store is registered in the Event Log.

Highlight Your Delivery Orders

You can decide which orders operators must pay particular attention to and customize their appearance accordingly. For this, assign a color to each order status to make it more prominent on the list. This way, employees would notice problematic orders better and would get to them faster.

For instance, if you want your operators to make out and process website orders faster, select red as the back color for the Not Processed status. To set this up, go to Delivery > Delivery highlighting at CC.

For details, see Order Statuses.

New status colors would only be displayed on the list of orders at the call center. These settings won’t affect status colors in iikoFront.

Order Supplies Using Mobile Or Tablet 

Available only to iikoCloud users 

It is quite handy to take and confirm purchase orders both on smartphones and tablets. 

For details, check Purchasing Food Items and Ordering Ready-Made Items.

Visitor Stats

Available only to iikoCloud users

In iikoWeb, a new report called Visitor Stats added. The report shows the number of orders placed by customers, the total amount, and average spend.

Refund Misuse Protection 

Ill-minded employees will have a hard time misusing refunds because now they need a special permission (Refund against a receipt without return to storage F_SWWOFF) to make a refund without the return of products to the storage. If an employee needs to make a refund only and no product return is required, a card with a corresponding permission should be swiped. And you can always check such events in the event log.

For how to make a refund with or without returning the product to the storage, please refer to the Product Return article.

Easy Handling Of Templates

In iikoCard, we have Razor templates that can be used to prepare texts for prompts, receipts, and SMS. 

We have introduced several improvements to make your experience even better:

  • Now you can make your text look better, for instance, center your text.
  • Now you can preview the content and check how the text would look like.
  • SMS templates used in actions are now verified at the time of saving.

For instance, there is a template in the “Prompt” action which has to be verified. For this, click Preview.

Moreover, we have reworked the data model. Now, you can print order details (Model.Order) and customer authentication information (Order.GetAuthInfo) on receipts.

For details on available templates, please check the following articles:

Document Management Made Easy

We have introduced some changes in iikoKitchen that make document management on the POS easier:

  • Document creation is no longer bound to the till shift, and the “Create documents outside accounting day” (F_CDOID) permission is no longer in use.
  • Documents are drawn up separately for each transaction and no longer merge into one.
  • There is no need in purchasing an extra POS license, set up a fiscal register, and open a dummy till shift.


  • OLAP Sales Report has two new fields: Service Mode and Cashier ID.
  • The List of Semi-Finished Goods has a new option ‒ export to the Detailed Menu.
  • A list of internal orders now shows if an order is shipped or not.
  • Shipping documents can be opened and viewed right from the list of internal orders.
  • iikoFront table mode design has some minor changes: the frame is thicker, the font is bigger, available tables have a “+” icon.
  • In iikoFront, you can now transfer menu items to any open order. And if you have many orders, you can scroll through.
  • Use the Ctrl+Alt+F10 shortcut to switch to the iikoFront exclusive mode and back. This helps avoid an incidental switch to this mode.
  • We have added the “←” button in the card number input window. Use it to correct any mistakes in the number.
  • In Poland, fiscal printers now print tax No. (NIP) on fiscal receipts.
  • Virtual cash registers may now be configured in iikoFront.
  • The Exclude free items parameter of the “Number of Ordered Items” condition has been amended. For details, see the Conditions article.
  • If items cannot be printed, the “Happy Hour” condition uses the current time.
  • Now you can choose to print menu items to the kitchen only if paid. For this, we have added a new parameter to the section settingsAutomatic service printing that has several options: disabled, at payment, after payment.


Restaurant Management in iikoOffice 

  • RMS-48604. Surcharge display issues that occurred in OLAP reports in case an order was canceled fixed. Now it takes the minus sign.
  • RMS-46887. Cost calculation in the Return to Supplier document fixed. 
  • RMS-50625. Now food items are grouped by storages in the Items Report.

Restaurant Management in iikoWeb 

  • WEB-3512. Guest bill report now shows the table number where the bill was closed. 
  • WEB-3517. When orders are exported to Excel, items are given in alphabetical order. 
  • WEB-3342. Now, iikoExpert is connected automatically when the subscription is enabled.
  • WEB-3330. iikoExpert now tracks large sum receipts.

Delivery Service 

  • RMS-43818. Generation of delivery numbers is changed so that they differ from regular orders.
  • RMS-48923. Call center operators and restaurant employees now see order items as they were placed using third-party tools (e.g. website). 
  • RMS-50384. An issue related to the unexpected iikoOffice crash due to the PBX errors fixed.
  • RMS-46094. The event log registers the removal of external payments in the call center.
  • RMS-47870. The maximum period available on the list of delivery orders is one month.

Customer Service 

  • RMS-50506. If more than one payment is used, and one of them does not go through, iikoFront now offers to try again or cancel only the problematic method. 
  • RMS-50512. The config.xml has a new parameter ‒ fixCommonProductPanelSlotSize. Use it to freeze the size of an item button on the iikoFront menu.
  • RMS-49323. iikoFront language selection window has changed—more languages available and they can be easily identified.
  • RMS-45640. Errors that occur when printing combos with items belonging to different fiscal printers fixed.
  • RMS-50516. In iikoFront installed on Windows 10 devices, time syncing messages are no longer given in the top corner but rather recorded in the log.
  • RMS-50052. Details on previous shift closing date and time are no longer given on the employee’s page in iikoFront.

Loyalty Programs 

  • COR-4691. An issue related to zeros in the left part of the number fixed.
  • COR-4645. When crediting an account via the API, a comment can be added.
  • COR-4483. If a store is not registered in iikoCard, it will no longer prevent iikoCard from processing other stores’ requests within a chain.
  • COR-4543. Operations log now shows the campaign name in the zeroing out transactions. 
  • COR-4081. SMS sending time reduced. Confirmation codes arrive faster. 
  • COR-4632. Issues related to the change of interface language at fixed. 
  • COR-4449. POS server syncing error after changing CRMID fixed.
  • RMS-48480. New statuses were introduced: consent to personal data processing, to the receipt of loyalty notifications and ad messages.
  • COR-4420. Guest card No. may now include letters.
  • COR-4601. POS server logs now tell whether or not an order closing time falls within the Happy Hour period.
  • COR-4578. The rate of guests’ accounts syncing between POS and the main server is optimized.
  • COR-4589. Stop condition issues that occur in the periodic actions are fixed.
  • COR-4584. Issues related to the SMS sending on behalf of and debiting of funds (if SMS sending is managed on the provider’s side) fixed.
  • WEB-3040. An error related to insufficient or invalid iikoCard loyalty settings is now displayed properly.
  • COR-4568. Accidental space characters are automatically removed from the registration form.
  • COR-4585. At startup, a new POS server is automatically updated if a new version is released.
  • COR-4611. The data given in the table of RFM Report guest categories is now rounded off to the first decimal place.
  • COR-4615. The “Subscribed to loyalty notifications” option is now properly displayed.
  • COR-4628. Customizable SMS sending error fixed.
  • RMS-50624. Errors that used to occur when syncing iikoCard connection settings between stores and iikoChain fixed.

iiko Technical Support 

  • RMS-50878. A new TeamViewerQS 15.3 is now included in the package. It is supported both by Windows 7 and Windows 10. 


  • COR-3980. Now when an out-of-stock list is requested in the Call Center through API, the system does not check whether a store is registered at or not.
  • RMS-50703. New iikoFront API methods to handle allergens were added: Operations.GetAllergenGroupsByOrderRootItem(IOrderRootItem) and Operations.GetAllergenGroupsByProductIds(Guid[]). 
  • TRN-907. Now you can start or cancel the banquet using iikoCloud API.