Winter 2020 

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Version 7.2.3

Highlight Your Delivery Orders

You can decide which orders operators must pay particular attention to and customize their appearance accordingly. For this, assign a color to each order status to make it more prominent on the list. This way, employees would notice problematic orders better and would get to them faster.

For instance, if you want your operators to notice and process website orders faster, choose red as the back color of the Not Processed status. To set this up, go to Delivery > Delivery highlighting at CC.

New back colors would be displayed only on the list of orders in the call center. These settings won’t affect status colors in iikoFront.


Customer Service 

  • RMS-50506 If more than one payment is used, and one of them does not go through, iikoFront now offers to try again or cancel only the problematic method.
  • RMS-50512 The config.xml has a new parameter ‒ fixCommonProductPanelSlotSize. Use it to freeze the size of an item button on the iikoFront menu.

Restaurant Management in iikoOffice

  • RMS-50498 A list of internal orders now shows if an order is shipped or not.
  • RMS-50742 OLAP Sales Report has a new field Service Mode.


  • RMS-50507 Now you can transfer a delivery order being processed from one production outlet to the other. Before doing so, you need to specify the reason for removing the order from the outlet selected in the first place.
  • RMS-50384 An issue related to the unexpected closing of the iikoOffice application due to the PBX errors fixed.
  • RMS-46094 Now, the event log registers the event when an external payment is removed in the call center.


  • RMS-50252 Virtual cash registers may now be configured in iikoFront.

Version 7.2.2 


Customer Service 

  • RMS-45640. Errors that occur when printing combos with items belonging to different fiscal printers fixed.
  • RMS-47551. Now you can transfer menu items to any open order. If you have many orders, you can scroll through.

Restaurant Management in iikoOffice 

  • RMS-50625. Now food items are grouped by storages in the Items Report.
  • RMS-50494. Now, when an internal order is shipped, you can switch to the expenditure invoice.
  • RMS-50498. A list of internal orders now shows if an order is shipped or not. 

Restaurant Management in iikoWeb 

  • WEB-2765. Now it is quite handy to take and confirm purchase orders both on smartphones and tablets.

Loyalty Programs 

  • COR-4538. Now you don’t need to call technical support to set up your iikoWallet. If you have a license included in your plan, you will get iikoWallet automatically.
  • COR-4330. A new preview window makes it handier to check your Razor templates of receipts and SMS.
  • COR-4487. SMS Razor templates are now verified within “actions” at the time of saving.
  • COR-4633. The Number of Ordered Items condition now has a new setting — Do not include discounted items.
  • COR-4568. Accidental space characters are automatically removed from the registration form.
  • COR-4585. At startup, a new POS server is automatically updated if a new version is released.
  • COR-4602. If items cannot be printed, the Happy Hour condition takes the current time into account.
  • COR-4607. Now you can edit Razor templates of receipts.
  • COR-4611. The data given in the table of RFM Report guest categories is now rounded off to the first decimal place.
  • COR-4615. The Subscribed to loyalty notifications option is now properly displayed.
  • COR-4628. Customizable SMS sending error fixed.
  • RMS-50624. Errors that used to occur when syncing iikoCard connection settings between stores and iikoChain fixed.

Version 7.2.1 

Refund Misuse Protection 

Already available to iikoCloud users. iikoClassic users will get it with version 7.2

Ill-minded employees will have a hard time misusing refunds because now they need a special permission to make a refund without the return of products to the storage. If an employee needs to make a refund only and no product return is required, a card with a corresponding permission should be swiped. If you need you can check such events in the event log.


Customer Service 

  • RMS-50556. In Poland, fiscal printers now print tax No. (NIP) on fiscal receipts.
  • RMS-50516. In iikoFront installed on Windows 10 devices, time syncing messages are no longer given in the top corner but rather recorded in the log.
  • RMS-50052. Details on previous shift closing date and time are no longer given on the employee’s personal page in iikoFront.

Restaurant Management 

  • WEB-3342. Now, iikoExpert is connected automatically when the subscription is enabled.
  • WEB-3330. iikoExpert now tracks large sum receipts.


  • RMS-45418. In the delivery service, you can now set up the default payment method.

Loyalty Programs 

  • COR-4440. In iikoWeb, a new report called Visitor Stats added. The report shows the number of orders placed by customers, the amount of orders, and the average spend. 
  • RMS-48480. New statuses were introduced: consent to personal data processing, to the receipt of loyalty notifications and ad messages.
  • COR-4582. The data model, which is used to print guest bills, receipts, and invoices (PrintChequeActionCheque), now has order details back ‒ Model.Order.
  • COR-4573. The order model now has the Order.GetAuthInfo output method back, which is used to print guest authentication details on receipts.
  • COR-4420. Guest card No. may now include letters.
  • COR-4601. POS server logs now tell whether or not an order closing time falls within the Happy Hour period.
  • COR-4578. The rate of guests’ accounts syncing between POS and the main server is optimized.
  • COR-4589. Stop condition issues that occur in the periodic actions are fixed.
  • COR-4584. Issues related to the SMS sending on behalf of and debiting of funds (if SMS sending is managed on the provider’s side) fixed.
  • WEB-3040. An error related to insufficient or invalid iikoCard loyalty settings is now displayed properly.


  • COR-3980. Now when an out-of-stock list is requested in the Call Center through API, the system does not check whether a store is registered at or not.