iiko 5.5

Attention! Iiko 4.x version family will be supported until July 1, 2018! It means that we will, as we always do, support our users, but some legislative amendments might not be implemented in old versions. Please update!

Automatic ABC/XYZ Analysis

To manage your menu more effectively, you may assess each item’s share in your revenue and its selling consistency. If for these purposes you use classic ABC and XYZ analyses, you don’t have to transfer the data to Excel anymore - these reports are available in iiko!  You may get the analytical data as of any time period for any items or separate categories and groups, for instance, only for the desserts or happy hour items. If you haven’t used such methods yet, please refer to our user’s guide on this topic and start improving your menu right away.

See ABC/XYZ Analysis.

Splitting Orders By The Number Of Guests At Anytime

A large group showed up, and a server put all the guests in one check but then he or she needed to split it and settle up separately... This is no longer a problem! iiko allows to quickly spit an order by the number of guests and settle up individually - there is a special window for this. It is quite easy - you see a list of items on the left side and may add the required number of guests on the right. Moreover, identical items will merge and, when splitting the check, you may simply specify the number of items for each guest. Some items, however, may be split into parts. Make a separate check for each guest in no time!

See Moving the Order.

Include Overheads In The Cost Of Goods

If, when purchasing goods from a supplier, you incur some additional costs, for instance, delivery costs, these and any other associated expenses may now be included in the net cost of goods. iiko would evenly distribute such costs among the invoice items with account to their cost and number. See Purchase invoice.

Automatic Population Of An Apportion Record

When creating an apportion record, iiko would automatically determine a % share of an ingredient in the cost of the product, while you may choose the calculation method. See Apportion Record.

Quick Menu For The Entire Chain

Now you are able to ensure high order taking rate in all the restaurants of your chain much easier! Customize your quick menu in HQ up to your needs and it will become effective on all the terminals of your chain in no time.

See Quick Menu.

iiko Improves To Be Handier

  • Now, when you check on the goods and items in the stock list, you may see the write-off method of any item and use it for additional filtering.
  • A goods flow report is now not only informative but also has a better look J Each document type that contains the product in question is now highlighted in color. For instance, an expenditure invoice is blue, a purchase invoice - green, cooking record - orange, etc. See Goods Flow.
  • If you ship your products to other companies, now you have one more tool to control the debt of your counterparties. The new format of an expenditure invoice in iiko shows the due date or the date of effected payment per each item. Effected payments are inserted automatically, whereas future payments might be received automatically from the contractor’s card or filled up manually. See Expenditure Invoice.
  • If you have a chain of restaurants, and your staff works at different outlets, now you have a better control over their performance and may easily run payroll calculations from any location. A personal report of each staff member shows the number of attendances and shifts worked and where they were done. See Personal Report.
  • In case your employees tend to forget to clock out, iiko would do it for them and would keep you up-to-date by registering such events in the Event log. You may customize the maximum duration of an open shift and specify how much time shall pass before an attendance is closed automatically. Moreover, iiko monitors open deliveries with fiscal prepayments and does not let you close the shift until you resolve such issues. See Attendance Log.
  • The supplier list now also shows the following details: Tax ID, Tax registration reason code, short and full names and contact details. See Suppliers.
  • Now, when you create an expenditure invoice, you may print out a preset form of the Quality and Safety Certificate as well as identification labels. See Expenditure Invoice.
  • Now you may export inventory reconciliation results to an Excel file and print them out with account of groups of products while on the third step of inventory. See Inventory reconciliation at the end of the day.
  • Exporting payments to an online banking software has become handier: iiko highlights required fields in color. Besides, you may access an export file right from the program window and, if required, edit it. See Export to Online Banking Software.
  • Templates of a commercial invoice and a unified transfer document have been updated according to the most recent legislative changes. A report on commercial invoices may now be exported to Excel. In addition to a commercial invoice and a fiscal receipt, one is now able to print a non-fiscal bill.
  • The list of currencies and up-to-date exchange rates may now be automatically imported by iikoFranchise from the central bank’s website.
  • Any employee may now close a completed delivery order - no additional permissions required.
  • An attendance log has become more ergonomic. See Attendance Log.
  • Now, when posting prepayments, the system shows the CF articles they belong to.
  • Now you may quickly check who works in the system - the connection.jsp script shows a PC name, the name of the user authenticated in iikoOffice, and the name of an iikoFront terminal. To open the script, paste this in a browser address bar: http://<server name>:<port>/resto/service/monitoring/connections.jsp.

System Improved

  • Creation of custom filters for the Event log is now optimized. Moreover, restaurant chains are now able to view iikoChain events separately - excluding outlet-specific events.
  • Syncing of guests and discount cards has been improved to provide safe data exchange and efficient use of resources.
  • Calculation of opening balances in an OLAP report on transactions has been improved.

Data Safety

We have learned that not all the users change their default system passwords given upon the installation, though it is highly recommended to do to keep your data confidential. An administrator password is now verified for the compliance with the security requirements.  If there is an unsafe password used, the system will prompt you to change it when you sign in as an administrator.

If you have specified the same account data in the HQ connection settings, do not forget to change the password here as well, as the data exchange with iikoChain would stop.