iiko 6.0 - a brand new AI-powered version

Automatic Food Cost Control

Use iikoMenuManager and its integrated ABC-XYZ analysis to learn which items affect your revenue the most. By means of the automatic comparison of suppliers’ price lists, you may find out who offers the best price. If your profit went down, you may quickly learn which goods were a bad buy. Try to set your own price for selected goods and you will see how your potential revenue grows.

Automatic Forecasting and Planning of Kitchen Workload

Available only to iikoCloud users*

iiko forecasts sales based on statistics. The forecast is used to estimate scheduled workload of the kitchen by seasons, days and peak hours, as well as the stock level required for a smooth operation. Moreover, the system knows which items have to be pre-prepared. Based on these estimations, daily by-the-hour kitchen work plans and purchase orders are automatically generated. 

Handy Payment Schedule

It is now much easier to handle cash gaps - you always get a detailed information on the cash flow and account balances. In the Payment Schedule, you may see planned cash receipts, as well as a schedule of future payments that is used to generate bank payment orders.

Inventory Reconciliation Using A Mobile Device - Fast And Easy

Available only to iikoCloud users.

iiko reminds employees of the scheduled inventory reconciliations. The information on stock balance is entered into the system via a mobile phone or tablet - how many packages there are on the shelf, in the fridge, etc. 

iikoExpert: Notifications On Important Events

Available only to iikoCloud users.

You are no longer have to check reports to be aware of important events that demand your attention. iikoExpert keeps everything that’s going on at your restaurant under control, analyzes every event and promptly notifies of any deviations from planned indicators and possible misuse by email. 

Word Of Mouth Marketing

Set up an automatic reward for recommendations and attract more visitors! And your guests would like to recommend your restaurant to their friends - iiko makes it possible to give gifts or accrue bonus points for both the one who visited your venue and the one who gave the recommendation.

One Cash Register For Several Tax Systems

If you use more than one taxation system, you don’t have to buy a separate cash register for each one of them. You post an order using one cash register, and iiko would divide it into separate bills.

Accurate Cash Accounting

Available only to iikoCloud users.

At the cash verification, you only need to count banknotes of each denomination and enter the data into corresponding fields. iiko would calculate the total and show this amount in the financial accounting module. 

Boosting Your Sales

Available only to iikoCloud users.

You may boost sales of particular items by arranging a competition among your employees, where the winner gets a bonus. The iikoUpsellDashboard screen shows the real-time number of sales containing the item you want to promote and each employee’s standing. 

Transparent Delivery Order Movement

Available only to iikoCloud users.

The iikoRadar screen shows real-time movements of food delivery drivers. Hang such a screen on the wall and you will always be able to track orders that are on the way to customers.

Make Decisions In No Time

Available only to iikoCloud users.

You may always have a quick look at your current business situation - iiko fits all the necessary information on a single page of your personal account whether online or in a mobile app. Handle the data the way you wish - illustrative graphs and diagrams or KPI charts are at your disposal. Even if there are many restaurants out there you have to manage, you may see up-to-date indicators per each of them. 

Accepting Payments For Deliveries From External Cash Registers

If a delivery order is paid via a website or mobile terminal, iiko would process those payments as non-fiscal, and a customer would receive a required bill.

iiko Improves To Be Handier

  • Now iiko tracks your stock balance, knows when it reaches the minimum level, and notifies of the goods that have to be restocked in the newsfeed block on the iikoOffice home page.
  • Now it’s not only iikoCard that handles the “card at entrance” cashless payment system - it is also an iiko’s new cash register module. Your guests are able to make a deposit to a card, bracelet or any other similar media and use it to pay for food, drinks, and any entertainments at your venue as many times as they want within one visit - iiko would recognize the guest and find their order in a split second.
  • You may remove or refund a closed order by pressing one key. For this, you need to have relevant permissions and specify a reason.
  • If you arrange mass catering programs, for instance, in health and spa resorts, you may, if necessary, print a Foodstuffs requisition out as required by OKUD: 0504202 right from iiko.
  • A new document - Customer Return is now available for those companies who sell their products to third parties.
  • If you are under a tax inspection and need to print out a correction bill, you may now do it with iiko.
  • All externally processed payments are now made visible in a new prepayment window.
  • You may now open and close a till shift using third-party devices, for instance, electronic kiosks.

Attention! Iiko 4.x version family will be supported until July 1, 2018! It means that we will, as we always do, support our users, but some legislative amendments might not be implemented in old versions. Please update! 

*Starting from iiko 6.0, some new features will only be available in the cloud-based configuration of the system. Our new smart functions, for instance, automatic forecasting and iikoExpert, require such processing power and technical support that may only be provided using iiko cloud services. We offer special terms to those iiko licensees who want to switch to iikoCloud and enjoy new features of the system. To know more about your current configuration and the necessity and terms of switching to iikoCloud, send us an email at specifying your company’s name (license holder).