iiko 6.1

Perfect Procurement Based on Automatic Forecasting

Available only to iikoCloud users*

To cut costs, it is imperative that you have the right amount of food in your stock. Now iikoWebOffice users may enjoy our new automatic forecasting feature to order the amount of food their venue requires. It is based on the sales forecasts and stock balance data.

Assessment of Assortment

Now the ABC/XYZ analysis may help you decide whether your assortment requires any action. Ingredients that comprise menu items may be grouped according to their cost, volume of sales, and sales variation coefficient.

Please also check the ABC/XYZ Analysis article.

Analysis of Menu Items Dynamics

Use iikoMenuManager to identify the most and the least effective menu items, the number of which may be quite large. With this tool, you can also track changes in items’ popularity and profit-making capacity in time.  This might be helpful if you want to analyze the efficiency of various campaigns or control seasonal behavior.


Plan Your Business with Regard to Weather and Sports Events

Available only to iikoCloud users*

Now, when you plan your resources, you can make allowances for such events as soccer matches that take place nearby or weather forecasts! Anticipated weather details are given on the revenue forecast screen so you would stay alert and plan your resources accordingly. Moreover, you can set up factors that correspond to the effect certain events may have on your revenue. iiko would use them when making sales forecasts.

Make Returns Even If a Till Shift Is Closed

If you need to return a product purchased earlier (meaning the till shift has already been closed), you still have to use an FCR to perform this operation. You can now make this return in iikoFront. Use a bill provided by a customer not only to find a corresponding order but also to book the product back in stock.

Please also check Product Return.


Convenient Handling of Commission Goods

If you supplement your product range with some other company’s goods or items, iiko would print the principal details on the bill. For this, you have to set up a separate preparation type for all such goods and specify their principals.

Please also check Groups.


Iiko now complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Use your iiko cash register to confirm your customers’ agreement to their personal data processing.

iiko Improves To Be Handier

  • While handling source documents, like invoices or records, you may now quickly view all the related transactions stored in the system. For this, use the “Show transaction” key in the Actions menu. Similarly, you may view source documents of each transaction.
  • Good news for large venues: now more than 12 orders fit on the terminal screen! The “All tables” screen now has one more order line added and the “By waiter” screen - one more page. For details, check Work Windows.
  • Now, when you make a purchase order based on the “By average sales” feature, you may include the stock balance data in the calculation. iiko would take into account the residual stock of the product to estimate this order. For details, check Automatic Ordering.
  • Handle bank statements with ease. In particular, now you can quickly cancel the import of several records at once. Besides, you may create a bank statement transaction by both the document date and transaction date. For details, check Import of Account Statement.
  • Export of payment orders to the online banking software is now handier as well. You can customize the order of payments. Specify the payment date in a new same-name column. The document date is specified by default. Once a payment order is exported, the documents or transactions that have the same payer and payee details merge. For details, check Export to Online Banking Software.
  • When getting ready for a banquet, you can prepare a list of semi-finished products. It will contain all the menu items and semi-finished products that need to be cooked. Missing ingredients may be additionally ordered. For details, check Banquets. Reservations. Deliveries.
  • iiko responds faster: the opening of a list of documents and a stock list reference book takes much less time, moreover, there are no more delays that used to occur at the time a call center updates a price list.
  • Now you can export even large documents to Excel—they will have the XLSX extension.

Attention! Starting from July 1, 2018, we no longer support the 4.x iiko family! It means that we will, as we always do, support our users, but some legislative amendments might not be implemented in older versions. If you still use this outdated version, we recommend that you contact iiko or a dealer you work with for an update.

*Starting from iiko 6.0, some new features will only be available in the cloud-based configuration of the system. Our new smart functions, for instance, automatic forecasting and iikoExpert, require such processing power and technical support that may only be provided by iiko cloud services. We offer special terms to those iiko licensees who want to switch to iikoCloud and enjoy new features of the system. To know more about your current configuration and learn why and how you can switch to iikoCloud, email us at and specify your company’s name (license holder).