iiko 6.2

iiko Turns Light

iiko has a new look! When you set up your POS, you can choose between the traditional dark and new light theme.

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Cash Control

Now you can fully control the movement of cash in possession of the delivery staff. The system knows how much money each of your drivers has and makes sure this amount stays within the specified limit each time an order is taken. The operations such as handing over change cash to drivers and acceptance of proceeds would take a minimum time of your staff.

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Smart Analytics For Your Menu

We keep improving our iikoMenuManager, and, starting from iiko version 6.2, it may provide even more helpful advice. For instance, our new block You Could Have Saved shows the benefits you could have gained if you’ve changed suppliers following the system’s advice.  You may also quickly learn about the stock balance of your key ingredients. The ABC analysis has some new indicators: Food cost and Food cost change; and the recommendations on the exclusion of items from your menu and the change of suppliers are now more specific. Analytical reports like “What If” and “Price Dynamics” have become handier, fuller, and more illustrative.

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Tags Provide More Details

You may now print any images on the labels you use for your ready-to-eat items. You can add your logo, certification marks, special labels, and any other design elements. You don’t have to purchase special EAC stickers anymore, just print it out. Moreover, iiko now prints visually compelling sticker numbers that are used to mark boxes within one delivery order.

New Features Of iikoWebOffice

Available only to iikoCloud users*

Even more day-to-day restaurant management operations can be handled with iikoWebOffice available on any device with an internet connection. Starting from iiko version 6.2, you can:

  • Add new employees and set up their schedule
  • Ship orders or receive orders from suppliers
  • Make inventory reconciliation of prepared components
  • Set your own time frames for your key indicators: for instance, it may show proceeds broken down by breakfast, lunch, and dinner

New Features For EU Restaurants

GDPR In iikoOffice

According to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a restaurant, before asking for any personal details, has to get a customer’s agreement to the personal data processing. Now you may set up iikoOffice to obtain such agreements in a centralized manner.

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Specific Accounting Requirements

  • You may include a service charge in the cost of the order and impose a tax on the amount of this charge. Related articles: Service Fee and Discounts and Surcharges.
  • iiko registers the cost of each product unit net of VAT and shows this value in documents.

iiko Improves To Be Handier

  • When you import a bank statement, you may right away tell which transactions had already been registered in iiko—they are given in bold type. Click on one of these transactions to view the related documents.
  • You may now use API to create and edit new products, menu items, and modifiers, as well as add images.
  • DC (distribution center) orders are now processed much faster: blank items are removed automatically. Besides, a consolidated order format is now much handier.
  • OLAP reports have some new fields: Average price and Average price before discount.
  • You may now provide information about your campaigns and discounts on fiscal bills that you print for 100% prepaid orders.
  • When a customer (existing in your system) makes a call to your delivery call center, an operator would see his or her name along with the telephone number.
  • You may now require the system to send a verification SMS when a customer wants to use his or her bonus points or iikoCard discounts.
  • We have made a great effort to make our services stable.

Tested Equipment

FCR Atol 22f/fprint22ptk 
version fiscal storage 1.05 
driver version 8_16_01_00
2 Atol55f 
firmware 4555  
fiscal storage 1.05
Shtrikh Retail01ф 
firmware C.1 45852 of 20.12.2017  
fiscal storage 1.05

We have carried out a regression testing of this iiko version on the above-mentioned equipment. We cannot guarantee the functioning of other cash register models that may have different driver or firmware configurations. You are free to test such equipment on your own or send us a test request specifying your equipment parameters. 

Attention! Starting from July 1, 2018, we no longer support the 4.x iiko family! It means that we will, as we always do, support our users, but some legislative amendments might not be implemented in older versions. If you still use this outdated version, we recommend that you contact iiko or a dealer you work with for an update.

*Starting from iiko 6.0, some new features will only be available in the cloud-based configuration. Our new smart functions, for instance, automatic forecasting and iikoExpert, require such processing power and technical support that may only be provided by iiko cloud services. We offer special terms to those iiko licensees who want to switch to iikoCloud and enjoy new features of the system. To learn about your current configuration and why and how you can switch to iikoCloud, email us at and specify your company’s name (license holder).