iiko 6.3

Purchase Price Control Made Easy

Now you may match your purchase prices not only against supplier price lists but also against the internal price standard.

How does it work? You create your restaurant’s price list where you set a price range for each item you purchase. This price list is not linked to any of the suppliers. When you receive goods in your storage, the system checks for a price list approved for a particular supplier. If there is none, all the invoice items are matched against your own price list. You decide what to do with the items the prices of which fall outside your price range. You can set the system to send you warnings or notifications in case this happens or may prohibit from posting such goods.

Entering external goods in the system is no longer a problem: just import your data. 

Convenient Handling of Commercial Kitchen Orders

We have significantly improved the ordering of semi-finished products and ready-to-eat items for companies with distribution centers. Firstly, you don’t have to check items you want to purchase in the lengthy order form anymore. Just specify the items you need at the moment. You may have as many order forms as may be required.

Now order statuses are visible at the kitchen: orders placed by restaurants, completed and shipped, and orders delivered. Restaurants may see if there is any difference between the items ordered and items received in the discrepancies report.

Get Business Reports by Email

Available only to iikoCloud users*

In your account in iikoWebOffice, you may now set up emailing of a KPI report. Such a report may be sent to more than one recipient, each able to see the data he or she needs. You can set up emailing of daily, weekly, and monthly digests. The report shows the current KPIs and provides a near-future forecast. Now you don’t have to open an application to learn what is going on at your restaurant. Set up a newsletter and put yourself and your colleagues on the mailing list to receive up-to-date information about your business by email.

What’s New in iikoWebOffice

Available only to iikoCloud users*

IikoWebOffice has some new restaurant management options, which means that you can handle even more daily tasks on any online device. Starting from iiko version 6.3, you can:

  • Work with a Profit and Loss Report and a Balance Sheet
  • Add and remove menu items and goods
  • Analyze restaurant performance by rooms and tables
  • Evaluate staff efficiency

Now the system provides a correct distribution of payment methods when gift cards and certificates are sold and when a guest card is topped up.

For venues in Poland, Tax reports are now generated properly.

iiko Improves To Be Handier

  • Now you can find a supplier in the purchase report in no time—you have a shortcut search bar for this.
  • Now the system prints an employee name (responsible for an operation) on a non-fiscal cash deposit or withdrawal receipt.
  • When entering a customer’s phone number, an operator is unlikely to make a mistake as there is only a digital keyboard available.
  • The event log now also shows the actual delivery time and order closing time, which leaves no room for the scam.
  • Hotels that use Logus automation systems now may show a guest balance on a receipt.
  • The inventory control of menu items that have various sizes is improved. Now you may specify the size during the first step of the inventory reconciliation, which makes it possible to carry out the proper ingredients usage calculation.
  • An error that occurs during the recalculation of an incentive program in the closed period fixed.
  • The POS start now takes up to 30% less time.

*Starting from iiko 6.0, some new features will only be available in the cloud-based configuration. Our new smart functions, for instance, automatic forecasting and iikoExpert, require such processing power and technical support that may only be provided by iiko cloud services. We offer special terms to those iiko licensees who want to switch to iikoCloud and enjoy new features of the system. To learn about your current configuration and why and how you can switch to iikoCloud, email us at and specify your company’s name (license holder).