iiko 6.4

Adjust Your Equipment Right On POS!

You can adjust your fiscal cash register, printer, or weighing scales right on POS. You don’t need a workstation with the back office installed anymore. You can change equipment settings, check the status, etc.

Workflow Of Front-of-the-House Employees Made Easier

Employees often forget to open a till shift or put some loose cash in the drawer before they start. Sounds familiar? This is no longer a problem: you can set up the day opening procedure and iiko would remind your staff of such operations or even make them required ones.

For how to open a till shift, please check the Till Shifts article.

Now, when you close an order, you can accept as many identical payment types as may be required. Your guest may pay in cash and use three different Visa bank cards, for example.

Delivery Orders Are Handled Fast & Easy 

It’s not a big deal if your database is missing a street where you have to deliver an order. Such an order will not get stuck on the confirmation step if it comes from a trusted source—the system would remember it and include in the itinerary. The list of your trusted sources is customizable. For details, please refer to the Global Settings article.

It’s not a problem if your customer has made a delivery order but then changed their mind and wanted to pick it up. Now you can change an order type any moment before it is shipped. For how to do it, please check the Taking Orders At The Call Center and Taking Orders At The Store articles.

It’s now much easier to analyze your customers’ feedback—just use OLAP reports.

Get Regular Updates On Your KPIs

Available only to iikoCloud users*

Now you don’t have to open iiko every morning to learn what is going on at your restaurant—you would get daily reports by email. Such reports may be sent to more than one recipient, each able to see the information he or she needs. You can set up daily, weekly, and monthly reports. Reports show the current KPIs and provide a near-future forecast.

Automatic Wasting Of Perishables

Available only to iikoCloud users*

If you sell goods or menu items that must be consumed the day they produced, your staff no longer needs to write off the stock balance every day. Set up an automatic wasting in iikoWeb, and the system would waste such goods at the end of the day.

New Options In iikoWebOffice 

Available only to iikoCloud users*

  • iikoWeb learned how to register tips and charitable donations
  • You can specify your suppliers and edit the list directly in iikoWeb without using iikoOffice
  • When you move to iikoWeb from other management systems, you can specify your historical sales values manually: your daily mean sales and an average cost of each menu item. The system would analyze such values and make a forecast.
  • The inventory count is made handier: it’s easier to set up the schedule, fill up and edit the form.
  • Employees that work outside your venue (e.g. an accountant working a five-day week in the remote office) have their shifts closed automatically.
  • Your customers now can sign up to your loyalty program and check their loyalty balance using their iikoWeb account.

iiko Improves To Be Handier 

  • Invoices now show deviations not only from the supplier price list but also from the internal price list.
  • Now you can learn more about iikoCard discounts from the OLAP Sales Report. If your customer files are edited on the POS, the loyalty system would update the details automatically. The card number may now include not only digits but also symbols.
  • An employee of a restaurant chain cannot confirm vulnerable operations in iikoFront anymore if he or she does not belong to the store.
  • Customer Returns may now be exported to third-party RMS systems.
  • If you use a service printer to print orders in the kitchen, you can now print a barcode, which can be used by the chef to indicate that the order is ready to be served.
  • Unsealed package reports exported to Excel now have the date range.
  • The calculation of VAT not included in the price has been changed.
  • Saving price updates for a new store is optimized. In the case of large restaurant chains, order handling now takes much less time.
  • The data model of the TORG-12 form has new fields: the due date and payment date.
  • The template model of receipts and reports now shows the legal entity telephone number, which can be specified in the iikoOffice template header as well.