iiko 7.0

No iikoOffice

Available only to iikoCloud users*, Start Plan

If you are running a small restaurant and decided to go for the iikoCloud Start Plan, visit your iikoWeb personal area to find all the tools you need to manage your business and benefit from all the features the automatic sales forecasting and resource planning have to offer. You can set up your stock list, recipes, and menu, as well as the quick menu with a daily schedule, add employees and set up their shift types and schedules, create easy-to-use loyalty programs. Financial reports are at your fingertips. All that is in your smartphone, MacBook, tablet, or any other device connected to the internet.

iikoWeb User's Guide for iikoCloud Start Plan

AI-Powered Menu

Available only to iikoCloud users*

iiko analyzes your menu automatically and shows some tips on how you can change it to sell more and make higher profits. You get specific recommendations: which items are better to be discontinued, which items to be promoted, and where you can cut your costs. For instance, the system can identify ingredients, which you can buy at a better price, and recommend suppliers that offer it. We use the ABC Analysis together with Kasavana-Smith and Pavesic methods, which allows iiko to provide accurate recommendations.

For details, please check the AI-Powered Menu article in the iikoOffice User's Guide.

No Plastic Ever Needed

Available only to iikoCloud users*, Enterprise Plan

To make use of the loyalty program, all your customers need is their smartphone. They can use a link printed on a receipt or given in the ad to register online, then they confirm their details using a text message, and finally receive an iikoWallet digital card to be added to their Apple Pay or Google Pay apps. Your customer can see their bonus account and all the rewards they get after visiting your venue.  You are receiving their details and a phone number they actually use.

The iikoWallet Digital Card article in the iikoCard User's Guide.

Segment Your Customers And Plan Marketing

Available only to iikoCloud users*, Enterprise Plan

Use a built-in RFM Analysis to segment your customer database and offer a referral program to your patrons or invite those who haven’t shown up for a while and give them their favorite dish for free.

Mobile Inventory Reconciliation

Available only to iikoCloud users*

Now you can count not only your goods but also semi-finished products and menu items, in which case, the system would break them down into ingredients according to their recipes. The notifications employees get when they need to carry out the count now include a hyperlink to the required iikoWeb page. And a manager receives notifications when such a procedure is started or completed. We have improved the inventory count setup interface in iikoWeb: now when adding a new workflow, you can select all the goods and semi-finished products at once or just check the required ones. Moreover, we have speeded up the reauthentication process: in case you suspended the inventory count and then resume the procedure, you just need to enter your password again.

New Store In No Time

Available only to iikoCloud users*

When you open new venues of your restaurant chain, you don’t have to register them in iikoWeb—they will become available at once with all the tools you need.

Other iikoWeb News

  • Now employees get notified if their schedule is changed.
  • The Profit and Loss Report now includes tax and bonus factors.
  • Now you can easily go to iikoWeb right from the iikoOffice menu.
  • iiko generates prep plans not only for menu items but also for semi-finished products.
  • You can set up an automatic sending of orders according to the actual supplier work hours.
  • Furthermore, iikoWeb reports now include new KPIs: tips, average spend per guest, and the sales breakdown by product categories.

Easy Handling Of S/F Products

If there is a menu item that has different sizes, now you don’t have to set up a size scale for semi-finished products used to prepare such items. You just need to specify the quantity of each s/f product per each size in the recipe. In the past, if you forgot to set up a size scale for semi-finished products, errors would occur when booking out the products. Once you update to version 7.0, such items would be highlighted in the stock list. You can easily correct such errors: check the quantity of s/f product specified for each size and save the recipe again.

The Recipes article in the iikoOffice User's Guide.

Hook Up New Equipment Fast

You can set up your cash register in the office, bring it to your venue, and hook it up using a special code. You can install, replace or test, and adjust your fiscal register, printer, or weighing scale right on the POS—you don’t need a workstation with the back office installed anymore. You can change equipment settings, check the status, etc.

The Equipment article in the iikoFront User's Guide and the same-name article in the iikoOffice User's Guide.

Adding Items After Printing A Guest Bill

Now even if a guest bill is already printed, you can easily add more items to the order. You don’t need to wait for a manager to authorize canceling a guest bill or to take a new order, which makes your average spend reports inconsistent. You can configure the system in a way that an employee won’t need special privileges to cancel a guest bill if he or she needs to add more items to the order. Other than that, the procedure remains the same. And of course, this operation is registered in the event log and can undergo verification, including by means of the event-based video surveillance.

iiko Improves To Be Handier

  • Order taking goes faster: you don’t need to wait for the payment to be fully processed and a receipt printed—take the next order, while the payment will be processed in the background.
  • When calculating accruals and payments under loyalty programs, the system applies the actual time of the order fulfillment, rather than the terms active at the time of order taking, as was the case a while ago.
  • Now it’s much easier to take pickup orders: there is a special button for that.
  • Even if you change your prices, they will be fixed for the banquet and delivery orders made in advance.
  • If you run such campaigns as “7th Cup of Coffee for Free”, you can set up bonus points to be earned for each purchase until the required amount is reached, and then a customer may redeem the points to get the gift. You can use item subscriptions to set up bonus ratios for different items, for instance, one large cup of coffee makes two small cups.
  • Now you can issue extra coupons of the same series, whereas before, you had to issue a new series.
  • Now you can purchase SMS packages directly from providers and send emails to your customers using your own email server.
  • Now if you use a virtual fiscal register, you can email receipts to your customers.
  • We have implemented a new addressing system for restaurants in the UAE.
  • Now when closing a till shift, you can set up the cash collection type according to your FCR features.
  • In iikoOffice, there is now an option to export refund documents to third-party RMS systems. Besides, you can link your contractors to CF accounts, and when you import a bank statement, all the payments will be automatically distributed among the accounts.
  • The item builder screen becomes handier: now there are areas dedicated to divisible and indivisible modifiers.
  • We have a brand new POS authentication window .

*Starting from iiko 6.0, some new features will only be available in the cloud-based configuration. Our new smart functions, for instance, automatic forecasting and iikoExpert, require such processing power and technical support that may only be provided by iiko cloud services. We offer special terms to those iiko licensees who want to switch to iikoCloud and enjoy new features of the system: a 50% discount on your monthly payments during the first year! Find more details here.