iiko 7.1

Preventing End-of-Day Scam 

We are introducing a new tool that helps prevent a wide-spread scam practice—cash misappropriation. At the end of day, a server opens a list of closed orders, calculates the amount of all cash payments, enters this amount in the cash verification step, and pockets the remaining cash. We have added a special permission that makes it possible to control access to the amounts in closed orders.

Easy Order Handling in the Bar 

iiko POS has a new order-taking mode that can be used in the bar to serve customers even faster during peak hours. For this, a bartender opens a tab for a customer to accumulate all orders made at the bar in one bill. A bartender may give it a name, view the tab, and add meals and drinks at any time. If a bartender unlocks the terminal by swiping a card, a new quick order opens up even if he or she was in the tab view mode before the locking. 

For details, please check the Tabs article in the iikoFront User's Guide.

Convenient Handling of Delivery Orders at the POS

If you use the same POS for both dine-in and delivery orders, we have some goods news! The required information on delivery orders is graphically presented on the dine-in order screen. There is a new button at the top of the screen, which you can use to quickly switch to the delivery handling mode. This button also shows delivery orders that require your attention.

For details, please check the Order Processing Screens article in the iikoFront User's Guide and Delivery Work Screens in the iikoDelivery User's Guide.

We Care of Guests’ Well-Being

Allergic guests are being taken care of at your venue: your employees will not miss a warning on allergens in the item. It is given in the item name field and clearly noticeable on the order screen. A server may view details by clicking a single button.

For details, please check the following articles: Menu & PricesAllergens, and Order Taking Window.

Even More Ways to Control Your Business 

Available to iikoCloud users only*

As you already know, iikoExpert may detect misuse and warn restaurant owners about suspicious operations. We added new scam practices that the app will recognize and warn you about. You will be notified if one and the same customer visits your venue suspiciously often, if there are way too many discounts provided or their amount exceeds the usual value. Moreover, iiko would draw your attention to large bill amounts, as well as frequent use of bonus points in orders taken by one of your employees.

New Ways to Communicate With Your Guests 

Available to iikoCloud users only, Enterprise Plan*

Now, you may be sure that your guests will be notified of your special offer: they will receive PUSH notification right in their iikoWallets.

New iikoWeb Features 

Available to iikoCloud users only*

  • iiko already knows how to use sales forecasts to place purchase orders with external suppliers automatically. Now, it can place internal orders (to your commercial kitchen) as well.
  • Your smartphone will be as handy as your laptop when it comes time to handle purchase orders.

*Starting from iiko 6.0, some new features will only be available in the cloud-based configuration. Our new smart functions, for instance, automatic forecasting and iikoExpert, require such processing power and technical support that may only be provided by iiko cloud services. We offer special terms to those iiko licensees who want to switch to iikoCloud and enjoy new features of the system: a 50% discount on your monthly payments during the first year! Find more details here.